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RUSH: Oh, it’s Manafort! What I wanted to tell you is the New York court has thrown out the case that the New York courts are trying against Manafort. What it means is, it’s throwing the case out on the basis of double jeopardy, that Manafort can’t be tried for this over again. What it means is that Trump can now pardon him. Here it is: “Paul Manafort Has New York State Fraud Prosecution DISMISSED Because of Double Jeopardy.”

This is the New York state attorney general, Letitia James. She had her case against Manafort thrown out by the judge because New York was simply gonna try him again for something he’s already been tried for and found guilty of. It “opens the way for a presidential pardon or commutation” by Donald Trump — and, by the way, the reason that they were going after Manafort and all these guys in New York was to take the pardon process away from Trump.

And now that plan, at least in the case of Manafort, has gone up in smoke.

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