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RUSH: By the way, folks, over the Christmas break, I’m gonna be sitting down with Republican leaders and drawing up articles of impeachment for the next Democrat president.

I don’t know who it is, and I don’t know when that’s gonna be, but we’re gonna start working on articles of impeachment for the next Democrat. Well, that’s what the Democrats have done here. Believe me, that’s what they’ve done here. That’s all they’ve done. I predicted it two days after the election.

I gotta do something here.


RUSH: Let me give you a list of some things. I’ll give you a preview of my articles of impeachment, okay? Show you how easy this is to do. The Democrats protested Trump’s victory. The Democrats tried to get the Electoral College to change their votes. Democrats demanded recounts illegally in several states. The Democrats objected to Trump’s election being certified. The Democrats spied on his transition.

They boycotted his inauguration. They started calling for his impeachment before he was even inaugurated. They falsely accused Trump of treason for colluding with the Russians. When they failed, they accused him of treason for colluding with Ukraine. Despite all of this, Trump is still winning. And this just scratches the surface of what the Democrats have been trying to do to Trump since before he was even inaugurated.


RUSH: Here is Steve in Buffalo. You’re next, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Listener since 1988. The one thing that I wanted to mention was Republicans have historically taken the George Bush approach like you mentioned earlier in the program of the high road and not really going into the gutter like the Democrats have. Now, when Trump leaves office in 2024, I hope that they would have learned, just like Donald had to learn, that you cannot play nice with the Democrats. You have to play the same games that they played.

I really believe that the Democrats don’t think that the Republicans will impeach the next Democrat president. I don’t think that they will. And I believe that if the Democrats go ahead and do that, I really believe that the Democrats will never be so cavalier with impeachment again.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Let me see if I understand. You think the Republicans will or will not do to the next Democrat president what they’re doing to Trump? You think they will or won’t?

CALLER: Well, I think that the Democrats believe that they won’t.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I hope that the Republicans do, but I think the Democrats — kind of like trying to call their bluff and think the Republicans won’t do it —

RUSH: With all due respect, I don’t think the Democrats are even thinking about that. When Dingy Harry activated the nuclear option for electing judges, he never worried that it would come back and bite him because all that mattered was the moment.

And the only thing that matters to these deluded, deranged wackos is getting impeachment next to Donald Trump’s name. That’s all that matters. They’ll deal with Republicans trying to pull this stunt against them if and when it happens. They’re not worried about what doors they’re opening. They’re not worried about what norms they’re breaking down. In fact, the more norms they can destroy, the better.

They don’t have any fear of Republicans. They don’t think the Republicans could pull this off. You’re probably right, they don’t even think the Republicans would try it. So I don’t think that’s even in their calculation. This is of the moment. They are singularly focused, and they have been singularly focused for three and a half years.

It is not a lie and is not an exaggeration to say that there were many Democrats talking about impeaching Trump before he was even inaugurated, folks. It’s in the record. I made a prediction on January 23rd, two days after Trump was inaugurated, I predicted every bit of this that’s happening. Not by specific event, but I did say that he would be impeached if and when they found the opportunity to do it. Not the reasons, the opportunity. I predicted why. And that they’re never gonna stop.

We have reached the point where they refuse to accept when they lose elections. That is one of the several gentlemanly agreements that the parties have had since the days of the founding. Peaceful transition of power. They have put us on notice that those days are over. Every election they lose they are gonna contest. They are making no bones about that. And in the process, they are hoping to wear down Republicans into not even trying to win elections because it will be easier to lose than to win and put up with this garbage.

Now, I’m gonna remind you of a prediction that I made some time ago. And I really expect this to happen. I don’t think it’s going to happen in my lifetime, so don’t misunderstand. Don’t think this is imminent, but I’m telling you, it’s trending this way. There’s no other way it can trend. The one thing that the Democrats cannot control is the outcome of elections. So what do they do when they encounter things they can’t control? They get rid of them.

The day is coming where an AOC type or Rashida Tlaib type or whoever, a new Democrat we don’t even know yet, maybe not even born, is gonna come up with a great idea: “You know what? The elections are the problem.” They’ve already set the table. You’re stupid, you’re deplorable, you’re unqualified, you don’t have any right electing people, you don’t know who you’re electing, you’re too dumb, you’re too stupid, you’re too unconnected, disconnected.

And they’ll do it, and they’ll promote it as a way of saving democracy, saving our great Constitution, preventing the people from making uninformed mistakes like Donald Trump. Do not doubt me the day is coming where some Democrat or leftist is going to get serious and put forth the idea that we need to rethink how we choose leaders. Do not doubt me.

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