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RUSH: As I always tell you, what’s good for America is bad for Democrats. And I have more proof.

According to NBC News, President Trump is campaigning on the roaring economy. So, NBC is reporting how the Democrats plan to stop him.

The reporter outlines how “bad” the problem is, from the Democrats’ perspective. Impeached or not, President Trump has a strong tailwind heading into the 2020 election: “It’s the economy.” Moody’s chief economist says that if the economy maintains its status quo, that Trump is gonna win.

So what will the Democrats do? Exactly what you’d expect: they plan to talk down the economy. They’ll try to convince you and everybody else that there really isn’t an economic boom going on and that you are not experiencing one. In fact, that you’re literally mired in misery and that a recession is on the horizon.

Democrats will complain about rising healthcare and childcare costs. And student debt. They’ll target Rust Belt voters with gloom-and-doom about the trade war with the ChiComs, which ChiComs, by the way, just caved on.

As we saw under Obama, Democrat policies cannot produce a good economy. They’re not designed to. The only campaign tactic they have against Trumponomics is to lie about this great economy that none of them voted for, or even want.

And in the end, they’re gonna bomb out. Just like they bombed out with their months-long campaign to convince everyone we were headed toward a recession. You see, reality is stronger right now anyway than their lies and fiction.

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