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Dec 18, 2019


AP: House Heads Toward Trump Impeachment Vote as GOP Stalls
Breitbart: Read Donald Trump’s Historic Impeachment Takedown Letter to Nancy Pelosi
ZeroHedge: Trump Said What?! Here Are The Top 10 Zingers In Trump’s Historic Letter To Pelosi
Daily Wire: Pelosi Responds To Trump’s ‘Really Sick’ Letter
Washington Post: The Impeachment Articles are a Vindication for Trump
The Hill: FISA Court’s Rebuke of the FBI: It Broke or Ignored the Rules and Our Rights – Andrew McCarthy
FOXNews: Alyssa Milano Slams Republicans at Trump Impeachment Rally: ‘They Think We’re Dumb’
CNN: Warning Lights are Flashing for Democrats as They Prepare to Impeach Trump
NewsBusters: CNN’s Toobin in Denial Over Poll Showing Drop in Democrat Support for Impeachment
American Greatness: NeverTrump Conservatives Started the Smear Campaign on Carter Page – Julie Kelly
FOXNews: Devin Nunes: FISA Court’s Behavior ‘Totally Inappropriate,’ Congress Must Fix It
The Hill: Protesters Rally Against Trump in Multiple Cities on Eve of Impeachment Vote
Washington Examiner: ‘Payback’: Republicans Vow to Impeach Next Democratic President
UKDM: Paul Manafort Has New York State Fraud Prosecution Dismissed Because of Double Jeopardy
Daily Wire: The Democrats’ Finalized Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump
Washington Post: The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun – 01.20.17
Breitbart: Democrats Block Kevin McCarthy Motion to Condemn Schiff, Nadler


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