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RUSH: Here’s the reaction from the FISA court, a rare public order yesterday. Wait a minute. Is this Wednesday or Thursday? This is Wednesday. Okay. So it was yesterday. A rare public order yesterday. The chief judge of the FISA court, which is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, FISA is an act, the Foreign Intelligence Security Act, you get a warrant for it, but the court is actually FISC.

Anyway, the chief judge strongly criticized the FBI over its surveillance application process and gave the FBI until January 10th to come up with solutions. The order came from the court’s presiding judge, Rosemary Collyer, came just a week after the release of the Horowitz IG report. Her order was four pages long.

She said: “The FBI’s handling of the Carter Page applications, as portrayed in the [Office of Inspector General] report, was antithetical to the heightened duty of candor described above. The frequency with which representations made by FBI personnel turned out to be unsupported … calls into question whether information contained in other FBI applications is reliable.”

Yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am, three bags full. My first reaction to this was, “Really? You want a report by January 10th? You want the FBI to explain themselves by January 10th so you can sign off on the explanation and wash your hands of it, how this can be prevented in the future.”

I’ll tell you how you prevent it in the future. You put the people that did it in jail is how you do it. You charge them. You charge them with abusing the criminal justice system, and you try them. That’s what you do. You don’t write a report.

You put people on trial, you charge them criminally — and, by the way, it’s warranted what they did. From Comey to Rosen, every damn one of these people that knowingly lied on that application, smearing and slandering Carter Page, when they knew he was an agent for the CIA, not Russia, when they knew the dossier was fake and bogus.

Report, my rear end. I would agree with anybody, I don’t think this reaction’s nearly tough enough. But, at the same time, folks, don’t let the disappointment of her timing and her jellyfish-like substance distract from the opportunity to take what she said and beat it over the head of Obama, Lynch, and Comey’s collective skulls.

Let the Democrats try to say that those reporting the abuses the past few years were wrong or overstated. The problems of the FBI, the FISA judges, this judge has been humiliated, and for this judge to even go this far is something that can be converted into a tool.

Remember, it was just a few days ago and then a few months ago and a year ago that we were all wondering, where the hell is this court? Where the hell are these judges? They have to know by now that they were lied to. They have to know by now that they were used. We were asking if they were ever gonna stand up for themselves. Well, it happened. It’s real. And it’s damning.

We were wondering if Horowitz was ever gonna release his report. He did. And in the Senate, by the way, he testified in the Senate yesterday and admitted that there was bias all over the report now. Now that the original report of no bias is out there significantly he can go tell the truth in the Senate, and you probably didn’t even hear about it. His testimony wasn’t televised yesterday. I mean, not 24/7 like the cable networks televised his House testimony.

Devin Nunes thinks this court needs to be blown up. Devin Nunes calls for the FISA court to be shut down, that it is culpable in this, not a victim. And I think he has a point. All trails in all of this, folks, lead right to Barack Obama, whether you want to admit it or not.


RUSH: If I were Devin Nunes, I would be livid at Rosemary Collyer’s statement. The FISA court is culpable. The FISA court has known for years what they had done to them. They’ve known for years what they participated in. They have known for years that those warrant applications were packed with lies, and they’ve not done anything about it. They knew when they were renewed, I’ll bet you. Nunes knows this. Nunes has been right from the get-go on all of this.

Nunes says the court needs to be blown up because it is not a victim, and I actually wholeheartedly agree with that. I don’t think this FISA court is a victim of anybody at the FBI. I think they’re culpable, and this is the thing: We’re to sit here and believe — because we’re accustomed to the bureaucracy moving so slowly — that “maybe it did take the IG report to the court to really how they have…” BS. This court has known because they’ve got people that read the news.

These are swamp dwellers that are hanging tough together. It’s always going to be so.

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