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RUSH: Here the quick headlines.

Washington Examiner: “‘Lot of Issues’: Former Obama Doctor Says Biden ‘Not a Healthy Guy.'” Washington Free Beacon: “Hundreds of Obama Alumni Stab Biden in the Back and Endorse” Fauxcahontas.  “Biden Medical Records Reveal Heart Condition.” Somebody is trying to take Biden out.  Who do you think that is? (interruption) Give me the name.  Who’s trying to take him out? (interruption) Daaaamn straight it is!

Barack Hussein O — who’s all the way over in Hawaii on the golf course right now as far away from all this as he can get — is taking Joe Biden out today because of why? Why, that would be Michelle (My Belle), because just last week here comes Obama saying (paraphrased), “Everybody knows women are much better leaders than men.  Men are scum! Women are great,” while wearing a purple golf shirt on golf course.

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