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Dec 19, 2019


Daily Wire: Defiant Trump At Michigan Rally: ‘I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Having A Good Time’
Politico: Pelosi Threatens to Delay Senate Impeachment Trial
Breitbart: Mitch McConnell: Pelosi ‘Too Afraid’ to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate
New York Post: Nancy Pelosi’s Stomach-Turning Impeachment Charade Damages America – Michael Goodwin
The Hill: Anti-Trump Celebs Celebrate: ‘Happy Impeachment Day, America!’
Daily Caller: Nancy Pelosi Shoots Glare At Democrats Who Clap As Impeachment Passes
Federalist: 4 Reasons Trump’s Impeachment Is The Weakest In U.S. History – Mollie Hemingway
National Review: McConnell Slams ‘Most Rushed, Least Thorough’ Impeachment Process in Speech on Senate Floor
UKDM: Mitch McConnell Threatens To Cancel Donald Trump’s Senate Trial If ‘Scared’ Nancy Pelosi Does Not Hand Over ‘Slapdash’ Articles Of Impeachment – As Speaker Slams Him As A ‘ROGUE Leader’ And President Gloats He Will Be Cleared By ‘Default’
Breitbart: New Nike Kaepernick Shoe Commemorates Date He First Sat for National Anthem
Breitbart: Senate Can Acquit Even If House Withholds Articles of Impeachment – Joel Pollak
Federalist: Why Impeachment Is A Massive Blunder For Nancy Pelosi – Christopher Bedford
Issues and Insights: Dems’ Real Impeachment Goal: Sabotage Trump’s Second Term
National Review: Former Intelligence Chiefs Fit Perfectly into Media Advocacy Culture – Victor Davis Hanson


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