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RUSH: A few days ago, I told you what the Democrats would do to run against Trump’s roaring economy. I said they would talk down the economy, and would try to convince you that the boom you’re experiencing is not real.

And my prediction, as always, came true.

Within the first few minutes of Thursday’s Democrat debate, Vice President Joe Bite-Me said the middle class is getting “killed” and “crushed,” and the working class “has no way” to improve their lives.

Mayor Pete said people aren’t looking at the Dow Jones as a measure of the economy, they’re looking at their own lives, and they can’t afford housing even though they’re working full-time.

Democrats went on and on, claiming Americans have to choose between paying for medicine or now toilet paper. Have you ever tried the leaves in the backyard?

None of these candidates can tell the truth. Under President Trump, we have more job openings than people to fill them. People are looking at the Dow Jones – as a measure of their own retirement funds, which are growing by leaps and bounds. We have a roaring economy that never approached anything like this under Obama. People have money in their pockets, and optimism about their future.

They can’t run against Donald Trump with the truth, folks, it’s just that simple. They’re going to run against him with lies and they’re going to lose. They are in deep doo-doo, and may not even really know how deep.

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