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Dec 20, 2019


Bloomberg: Trump Isn’t Impeached Until the House Tells the Senate. According to the Constitution, Impeachment is a Process, Not a Vote – Noah Feldman
Daily Wire: Pelosi Crows: Trump Will Be ‘Impeached Forever’
Daily Caller: Democrat’s Impeachment Lawyer Says Trump Is Not Impeached If Pelosi Sits On Articles Of Impeachment
Washington Examiner: Poll: Trump Leads Biden by 6, Sanders by 26, Warren by 30, Buttigieg by 41 – Paul Bedard
Bloomberg: Trump Lawyers Ask If Pelosi Delay Means He Isn’t Impeached Yet
AP: Buttigieg-Warren Clash on Campaign Trail Spills into Debate
The Week: The Final Democratic Debate of 2019 was all about Pete Buttigieg
Washington Examiner: Where’s Biden? 2020 Democratic Front-Runner Barely Speaks in Debate
PJ Media: Bernie Sanders Promises to ‘Criminally Prosecute Fossil Fuel Executives’ for ‘Destroying the Planet’
Washington Examiner: Biden Willing to Cut Hundreds of Thousands of Oil and Natural Gas Jobs
National Review: If Impeachment Articles Are Not Delivered, Did Impeachment Happen?- Andrew McCarthy
Breitbart: Mitch McConnell Pushes 11 Federal Judge Nominees Amid Democrat Impeachment Circus
AP: Putin says Trump was Impeached for ‘Far-Fetched’ Reasons
ABC: Iowa Man Who Tore Down, Burned LGBTQ Flag is Imprisoned
The Hill: McConnell: Holding Articles of Impeachment Gives Pelosi No Leverage
New York Times: Durham Is Scrutinizing Ex-C.I.A. Director’s Role in Russian Interference Findings
PJ Media: Fact Check: Democrats Claim Trump Economy Isn’t Working for the Middle Class; They’re Wrong
FOXNews: Barr: By the Time Trump Took Office, It Was Clear There Was ‘No Basis’ To Papadopoulos, Page Allegations
FOXNews: Gregg Jarrett: Barr’s Fox News interview should have Brennan, Steele calling their Attorneys
CBS: Patrick Reed Penalty Saga Provides 2019 Presidents Cup with a Much-Needed Dramatic Storyline
International Business Times: Jane Fonda Tried To Meet Trump With ‘Beautiful’ Climate Activists
USAToday: Army, Navy Investigations: GameDay Hand Signals Were for ‘Circle Game,’ Not White Supremacist Sign


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