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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Jan 2, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

SteynOnline: A Three Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty-Se’nnight of Steyn – Mark’s Decade in Review
FOXNews: Benghazi team member John Tiegen: Media ‘not even close’ with Iraq-Benghazi comparisons
Politico: Trump tries to avoid his own Benghazi
Mediaite: Trump Touts Handling of Attack on U.S. Embassy of Iraq: ‘This Will Not Be a Benghazi’
UKDM: Barack Obama welcomed leader of US embassy attack to the White House: Iran’s ‘point man’ in Baghdad Hadi al-Amiri was hosted in the Oval Office in 2011 – eight years before he orchestrated siege in Iraq
AP: Esper says Iran may be planning more attacks on US interests
UKDM: First wave of 750 US paratroopers leaves for the Middle East in response to attack on the US embassy in Baghdad with thousands more set to deploy after Trump promised Iran will pay a ‘big price’
LA Times: Attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad underscores America’s polarization — and peril
The Hill: US combat deaths in Afghanistan highest in years
CNBC: Don’t look now, but Goldman Sachs is saying the economy is nearly recession-proof
CNBC: Dow rises 100 points, hits record as Wall Street’s monster 2019 rally extends into the new year
Washington Times: Trump camp raises $46M in final quarter; reelect team says impeachment drove best haul to date
Forward.com: Repeating Nazi Propaganda, From Kurt Vonnegut to NPR
CNBC: Julian Castro drops out of 2020 Democratic primary race
The Hill: Tulsi Gabbard draws crowd while surfing in New Hampshire
BBC: Marvel to get first transgender superhero
Breitbart: U.K. Spy Steele Claims John McCain Aide Leaked ‘Pee’ Dossier to BuzzFeed
ABC: Bernie Sanders tops Democratic field with massive $34.5 million haul in Q4, as other candidates release totals
Thrive Global: Stopping Sex Bias on Wikipedia. Call to Action: Help Close Gaping Gender Gap
JustSecurity: Exclusive: Unredacted Ukraine Documents Reveal Extent of Pentagon’s Legal Concerns
New York Post: Donald Trump doubled his tweets in 2019
The Hour.com: How we survive the surveillance apocalypse
Bloomberg: Don’t Get Too Nostalgic About Old Media
Bloomberg: The Internet Is No Longer a Disruptive Technology

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