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RUSH: So during the break Mr. Snerdley said to me, “What about this guy replacing Qassem Soleimani, the guy that’s room temperature? Should we be afraid of this guy?” Should we be afraid of this guy? This guy is the guy who’s afraid to show his face. This new guy, you think he likes this gig? He’s the next target. You think this guy doesn’t know that we are tracking this guy in every which way we know?

Let me go through, by the way, how we did this. And we have two new kinds of bombs. Remember the old neutron bomb? The left hated the neutron bomb because it killed people but left buildings. It left real estate so billionaires would not lose anything. The left hated the neutron bomb.

We’ve got a bomb that digs down 200 feet deep to get bad guys in caves. We have a bomb that will take out a single mullah that we can aim through a window in the mullah’s office building that he can’t hear coming and can’t see coming and he never knows it’s there. We’ve got ways. This was a precision, surgical attack on this guy’s SUV. He got off the plane, he gets in the SUV, we identified before he even gets to the off ramp at Baghdad International. He’s room temperature. The only thing left is the guy’s hand with an identifying ring on it.

“Mr. Limbaugh, you shouldn’t sound so happy.” Who says happy? I’m just responding to, “Do we think we need to be afraid the new guy?” They are afraid of us right now. And that’s the way it ought to be. It’s not hard to understand this stuff. Here, let me run through this. We were tracking Soleimani’s jet via an AWACS, an E-3 AWACS plane and vehicles on the ground.

Soleimani and the other guy, Muhandis, had landed at Baghdad International. They’d just pulled off the ramp. They were in two vehicles. On a street right next to the airport, a Special Forces team with a joint terminal attack controller, JTAC, positively identified Soleimani and Muhandis in the cars.

The JTAC controls the release of weapons on targets communicating with all the shooters. An armed Apache helicopter was involved a few miles away receiving the feed from the Reaper drone overhead. It’s the MQ-9. It’s an Air Force Reaper. The Reaper, the drone, and the Apache helicopter carried Hellfire missiles with explosive warheads. These are not the foldout swords that have been in the news lately.

But you can tell by the videos of the vehicles struck by the Hellfires that they were obliterated. The Israelis have perfected this type of engagement out of necessity with their helicopters and their drones as they have hunted Hamas and Hezbollah people. There was no doubt who was in the car. It was a Toyota Land Cruiser. We even know that.

Toyota is the official vehicle of Middle East terrorists, by the way. I don’t care where they are, either flatbed pickups, SUVs, they get ’em cheap in the open market, don’t know where, but you can see it in the movies. Toyota is the approved favorite — ought to get an endorsement out of ’em. So he’s in a Toyota Land Cruiser, it was his normal ride. As soon as he stepped off his jet, Special Ops and the drone identified him. The drone feed — I’ll bet you the drone feed was going to the Pentagon and wherever Trump — I’ll bet Trump was watching at Mar-a-Lago just as the bin Laden raid was being transmitted to the White House Situation Room.

So they identified and they launched the Hellfire missiles and that was that. The last thing they expected. Their most recent experience with any of this was Obama, an appeaser. They gotta have a little concern about Trump. He’s an unknown quantity, and they think of Trump as somebody that wants to pull the American military out of the Middle East. And then this happens. Iranian TV is showing video of the vehicles and the bodies. It’s a massive operation with incredible intelligence. And, see, people are asking, “Do we think we need to be afraid of Soleimani’s replacement?” It’s the other way around.

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