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Jan 6, 2020


FOXNews: Top Democrats Slammed For Their ‘Yeah, But’ Reactions to Soleimani Airstrike
The Hill: Congress to Clash Over Trump’s War Powers
FOXNews: Iran Abandons Limits of 2015 Nuclear Deal After Top General Killed in US Airstrike
New York Post: Qassem Soleimani’s Dead Body Flies Coach Back to Iran
NewsBusters: Obama vs. Trump: The Media’s Terrorist Double Standard
GatewayPundit: Biden In 1996: “Act of War” If Iran Attacks U.S. Facility
CNSNews: Johnson: Trump Had Legal Authority to Take Out Soleimani Without Congressional Authorization
CNSNews: Flashback: US Marine General Blames Soleimani for 14 Percent of US Troop Fatalities in Iraq
Wall Street Journal: The Democrats and Iran. Why Can’t the Party’s Candidates Simply Admit Qasem Soleimani’s Death Makes Americans Safer? – Joe Lieberman
The Hill: Biden Tells Coal Miners to “Learn to Code”
Economic Times: Soleimani Killing Leaves Trump’s Middle East Strategy in Tatters
National Review: Iranian Analytics – Victor Davis Hanson
Hudson Institute: Obama Strikes a Deal–With Qassem Suleimani – Lee Smith
UK Telegraph: Obama’s Iran Deal Has Just Granted an Amnesty to the World’s Leading Terrorist Mastermind
The Hill: Schiff Calls for Open Hearings on Trump’s Iran Actions
Washington Examiner: Laser-Guided Hellfire Missile Traveling 230 mph Killed Qassem Soleimani
Breitbart: Ilhan Omar: Trump Might Start War with Iran to Protect His Hotels’ Income
NewsBusters: CNN Reporter Claims Soleimani Killing Has ‘Unified’ Iran
ArabNews: Soleimani’s Death Leaves Iran’s Strategy in Tatters
Breitbart: Flashback: Obama Bombed Countries, Went to War, Used ‘Kill List’ without Congress


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