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RUSH: I made mention of the fact yesterday that General Soleimani was flown back to Tehran in a cardboard box.  There was no body.  There were body parts.  There was a hand with an identifiable ring.  Flown back there in a box that was laid out across three coach seats in the Iranian airline.

Well, it turns out now that this coffin, Soleimani’s coffin was later put on the hood of a Chevrolet truck — not a Toyota, a Chevrolet truck — for part of his funeral procession.  So Chevy got some product placement here, edging out Toyota, which is the official truck vehicle for Middle East terrorists.

Saudi Arabian PR people tweeted out, “The American presence at Soleimani’s funeral was obvious…” (laughing) The American presence at his funeral!  The Saudi PR guy “noted that while the crowds were chanting, ‘Death to America!  Death to America!’ the number one terrorist, Qassem Soleimani, was killed with an American-made drone and his coffin was carried in an American-made car.”

So it looks like Trump’s mantra still stands: “Buy American!”  The Iranians clearly are, and they are transmitting the few remains of their gigantic hero in cardboard box coffins on coach seats and on the hoods of Chevrolet trucks.

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