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RUSH: Billionaire Democrat candidate Michael Bloomberg thinks that he’s come up with a winning campaign message. He says if he’s elected, he’ll bring California’s liberalism to the rest of the country.

Doomberg seriously believes that voters want to copy California when it comes to climate-change legislation and gun control. In his words, “California can serve as a great example for the rest of the country.”

Thanks to California’s global-warming-hoax laws and ridiculous taxes, residents pay the highest prices for gasoline in America. California’s environmentalist wackos prevent forests from being managed properly – that means massive wildfires threaten life and property every year. And mass power outages are forced on people to supposedly protect them from fires.

Then there’s the ever-growing homeless population that’s ravaging blue California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Piles of human feces, folks, and used needles litter the streets. Out-of-control crime and soaring housing costs have run the middle class out of town.

And the Democrats have declared California a sanctuary state, which not only welcomes illegal immigrants with open arms, but bestows upon them all the welfare benefits that California liberals ever created.

So yeah, Mike, California is a great example of what radical, unhinged, and unchecked liberalism could do to the rest of the country – if we were crazy enough to fall for your line. How about a 16 ounce diet Coke, Mike?

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