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Jan 7, 2020


FOXNews: Soleimani funeral stampede in Iran leaves at least 56 dead, state TV reports
UKDM: U.S. Air Force Performs Huge Show of Strength with 52 Fully-Armed F-35A Lightning II Stealth Fighters – the Same Number of Iranian Targets Trump Has Announced – Taking Off in a Single Wave from Utah Base
American Greatness: Americans Will Rally Around Trump on Iran – Conrad Black
Breitbart: Iran Foreign Minister: Trump’s Airstrikes an Act of ‘State Terrorism’, ‘Aggression’ Against Iran
New York Times: Khamenei Wants to Put Iran’s Stamp on Reprisal for U.S. Killing of Top General
UKDM: Iran is Considering 13 ‘Revenge Scenarios’ Over the Death of General Soleimani as Top Official Vows to Create ‘Historic Nightmare’ for the US
American Mirror: Chevy Truck Hauls Soleimani’s Corpse Through Iranian Crowd
PJ Media: Iran Was Obama and Biden’s Mess, Trump Is Cleaning It Up
The Hill: Ex-Trump official: Iran Trying to ‘Blackmail’ International Community by Exceeding Uranium Limit
Don Surber.blogspot.com: The State of The Donald
FOXNews: AOC Calls Trump ‘a Monster’ Over Threat to Iran; Omar, Other Democrats Warn of Potential ‘War Crimes’
Washington Free Beacon: AOC Likes Tweet From Russian State Media Claiming Iran Doesn’t Target Civilians
CNN: Bernie Sanders Could Actually Win This Thing
Washington Examiner: ‘They’ve Lost Their Minds’: Trump Claims Democrats Are Using Impeachment to ‘Affect the Election Illegally’
Mediaite: Trump Tries to Explain Soleimani Strike to Rush Limbaugh: He Made ‘Bombs that Blow Up All Over the Place’
CNN: Trump Justifies Decisions by Invoking Obama
New York Post: Judge Judy Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President
Newsweek: Bernie Sanders Dominates Democratic Candidates Among College Voters, New Poll Shows
FOXBusiness: Hunter Biden Linked to 2016 Identity Theft Involving Deceased Brother
Washington Examiner: Investigator says Hunter Biden used identity of dead brother Beau to hide location
Daily Beast: Obamaworld Hates Bernie—and Has No Idea How to Stop Him
The Hill: Chelsea Clinton Reaps $9 Million from Corporate board position
Washington Examiner: Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Joke. He’s Dangerous
FOXNews: CNBC Brutally Mocked for Botching Images of Yang, Gabbard in 2020 Graphic
The Hill: Warren: ‘It Would be a War Crime’ for Trump to Strike Iranian Cultural Sites
Breitbart: Ocasio-Cortez Accuses ‘Monster’ Trump of Engaging in ‘War Crime’ over Iran Threats
HuffPost: Obama Told Aides He’s ‘Really Good At Killing People,’ New Book ‘Double Down’ Claims
The Hill: McConnell has the Votes to Block Democrats’ Witness Demands in Trump Impeachment Trial
Breitbart: John Bolton: ‘I Am Prepared to Testify’ in Senate Impeachment Trial
The Hill: Schiff Calls for Open Hearings on Trump’s Iran Actions
Wall Street Journal: U.S. Begins Returning Asylum Seekers at Arizona Border to Mexico
Daily Caller: Biden Says He Would Require Illegal Aliens Learn English For Citizenship, But That’s Not In His Plan


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