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RUSH: You remember during the campaign, Trump asked people…? Well, he didn’t ask. He told people that, if they vote for him, they’re gonna someday become tired of winning. That we were gonna be winning so much that we were gonna call him and say, “Mr. President, slow down. We can’t handle all this winning. You gotta lose a couple just to keep people honest.” Remember that?

I have a question for the Democrats. When are you people gonna get tired of losing? (laughing) Do you even realize that you are losing, and you are losing magnificently, and you are losing in ways that you don’t even see? (interruption) What do I mean? Well, look what happened to Trump’s improval numbers — approval numbers — during impeachment. By the way, we could call them “improval” numbers because that’s exactly what happened.

During the impeachment, Trump’s approval rating shot up six points on average. The impeachment hearings were so absurd. (laughing) Pelosi won’t even send the articles to the Senate, and senators — the Democrats — are demanding more witnesses because Pelosi didn’t make a case. But, at the end of all of this, I don’t care what you say about it, and I don’t care what you do process-wise. If she sends them over there, there’s going to be an acquittal.

I maintain to you that that is the last thing that she or any of the Democrats want. So she’s said today… She had her press conference. She flew back from San Francisco for a press conference. She’s wearing Baltimore Ravens purple today, by the way, because she’s from Baltimore. Her husband is from San Francisco. His name is Paul, Paul Pelosi. He’s wearing red today for the 49ers and she’s wearing purple for the Ravens. He said they’re gonna be having a big family reunion and all that.

At any rate, with an acquittal as the no-doubt result of this, what will she do? There’s a school of thought that says even though she says that she’s gonna send them over, that she won’t. Now, let’s go to… Let’s start audio sound bite number 1. This is from her press conference today. I’m screwing up the broadcast engineer. I told him we were gonna start with Trump, but I’ve changed my mind on the fly here. See, this is…

Folks, this is another reason why I don’t like TV. I couldn’t do what I just did if it was on TV. If I was on TV, I would have to start with what was on the sheet that everybody had. I would have to start there. I have just decided on the fly here to broom that and start with something else. Television, you can’t do it without going to a commercial break and causing people various stages of panic because you’re changing the order.

Here’s Pelosi on Capitol Hill this morning, her weekly press briefing talking about the articles of impeachment…

PELOSI: In terms of impeachment, you all keep asking me the same question; I keep giving you the same answer. As I said right from the start, we need to see the arena in which we are sending our managers. Is that too much to ask? You probably heard one way or another some of them have suggested they might want to “dismiss.” Dismiss equals cover-up. Dismiss equals admission.

RUSH: Well, then if that… Miss Pelosi, I realize I’m not as smart as you are, but if you have two options — you send ’em over there and you get an acquittal or the Senate dismisses and you get a chance to run around and say, “That’s an admission of guilt. These partisan Republicans don’t even want the trial. They’ve dismissed the charges. Trump’s guilty” — which of those two options is the better? Certainly not acquittal! She’s just made the case for advocating that the Senate dismiss the charges.

Her own language: “Dismiss equals cover-up. Dismiss equals admission.” She should be pushing for a dismissal because the alternative is an acquittal, and an acquittal does not help her. It does not help the Democrats in the 2020 presidential campaign. It doesn’t help any of those candidates. It doesn’t help the media. After all of this — after three years of Trump colluding with Russia and now colluding with Ukraine and having mean ideas about Hunter Biden — acquitted, not guilty?

That’s the last thing they want. She should be pushing the Turtle to dismiss the charges based on what she just said here. “Dismiss equals admission.” There’s your solution, Madam Speaker! There is your answer. She should be pushing for a dismissal of charges and then run around and say, “The Senate knows Trump’s guilty, and that’s why they dismissed the charges ’cause they don’t have the guts to do a trial.”

When the truth is, there’s nothing to try because she doesn’t have a case, and her articles of impeachment do not present a case. This is why she’s not gonna send ’em over, but she just made the case… I’m sorry to be redundant here. She just made the case for advocating that the charges be dismissed because, in her view, that’s a tantamount admission of guilt. A reporter said, “Madam Speaker, are you planning to hold the articles indefinitely?”

PELOSI: I’ll send them over when I’m ready, and that will probably be soon. You know, he said, “If you don’t send them over, I’m gonna pass a Mexico-U.S.-Canada (snickers) trade agreement. Okay. Uh, but, uh, we want to see what they’re willing to do and the manner in which they will do it. But we will not let them say, “Oh, this is just like Clinton. Fair is fair.” It’s not. Documents, documentation, witnesses, facts, truth. That’s what they’re afraid of.

RUSH: We’re not afraid of anything. You don’t have a case! The very idea that you are demanding new witnesses in the Senate means you don’t have a case, and the Turtle is right. The Turtle said, “You present us the case, and we’ll try it. We don’t do investigations. We don’t do your job. We’re not gonna look for things underneath rocks that you couldn’t find. We’re not gonna turn this place into a spectacle like you made your place.

“We’re not gonna do it. You present us the case and we’ll try it.” She won’t present the case! She will not present the articles. This talk about, “Well, I — I need to see the arena.” Well (snort), go down the hallway and go to the doors leading to the Senate chamber and look in. There’s the arena. She’s been to the Senate. She knows what’s in there. She knows what the “arena” is.

What she means by this is (impression), “I need to know what the rules are gonna be. I need to know whether they’re gonna call witnesses.” She is trying to run the Senate, and unless she gets what she wants, she’s not gonna present the articles. She’s not gonna present them because she doesn’t want an acquittal. Here’s Da Nang Dick, Dick Blumenthal. He is a Democrat senator from Connecticut. He spoke to reporters yesterday.

BLUMENTHAL: I think we are reaching the point where the articles of impeachment should be sent, and we should have votes on whether witnesses will be called.

RUSH: You’re gonna lose those votes. All it takes is 51 votes. The Turtle’s gonna set the rules. The rules are gonna be set by the Republican majority. You’re not gonna get any new witnesses. If there are witnesses, call the House committees back into session and call ’em! So where does she get the idea to hold onto the articles? Because this is unprecedented. You know, the legal scholars are now debating whether or not Trump actually has been impeached.

If she doesn’t present the articles, then has he really been impeached?

Yeah, the House had a vote, but there are no articles of impeachment.

The next phase of the process hasn’t happened because she’s not making them available. Well, TIME Magazine is reporting that Pelosi got this crackpot idea of holding onto the articles and not sending them to the Senate by watching John Dean on CNN. Here it was, December 5th, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. John Dean is the former Nixon White House counsel, and Don Lemon said to John Dean, “Can you explain why you’re saying Nancy Pelosi may not send the articles of impeachment to the Senate?” This is December 5th, folks.

DEAN: There is a big push to get this done quickly. Well, I think Nancy Pelosi has some real leverage in this. She doesn’t have to send articles of impeachment to the Senate. What happens, Don, after there’s a vote on the articles, they adopt a resolution where they select managers, and then they decide when they’re gonna send the managers over to the Senate. So there’s a flexibility in the process where she could say, “Listen, let’s just hold these articles here until the Senate gets its act together.” And that could last right through the campaign.

RUSH: And there you have it. John Dean advocating on December 5th, hold on to these things throughout the campaign. It’s the only way she’s got leverage. She doesn’t have leverage on the substance of the case. The articles of impeachment do not contain any criminal activity or any impeachable offense. Do not doubt me on this, folks. I mean, if they did, I’d tell you. I’ve no desire to be wrong here.

I’ve no desire to lie to you or to misrepresent things to you. I don’t want you to be wrong after listening to this program. There’s not an impeachable offense in any of these articles. John Dean is effectively admitting that by suggesting that her leverage is to hold on to these until she gets what she wants in the Senate. There’s only one thing she wants in the Senate, and that is a conviction. And there’s no way.

So why hold on to them? Well, I’ll give you one answer to that. Why hold on ’em, this Iranian action. They were gonna try to fold this in. Schiff, Pencil Neck, even talking about reopening investigations into this, thinking there might be an impeachable offense here. There’s not. But that’s not to say that there won’t be events happening between now and through the rest summer, into the fall, the campaign. If Trump does something they think’s impeachable, then call the House committees back into session, fold whatever those so-called offenses are into this.

That’s what he’s saying her leverage is. Her leverage is to hold off and hope that Trump does some other stuff they could say is impeachable, fold it in, and then present ’em. Ain’t gonna work, though, because her fellow Democrats are beginning to panic and they’re beginning to get mad. They don’t see how she wins this. They don’t see how they win it. And she does have some explaining to.

Remember they rushed this process because Trump’s behavior was so threatening, we had to do this fast, we had to ramrod this thing through there because Trump is so outrageous. Trump poses an existential threat to America. We’ve got to get this done. Okay. They got it done. They ran fast. And now what? Nothing. So they’re worried about being seen as hypocrites.

Here’s the fact. The fact is that every one of these Democrats — and I don’t care if you look at ’em in the House, if you look at ’em in the Senate — every one of them knows, and very few of them will ever admit this, every one of them knows they don’t have a case. Every one of them knows there is not an impeachable offense in either of these two articles. Every one of them, the people that voted for them, the people that conducted witness interrogations during the hearings, they know there’s nothing.

This is a PR move. It’s an attempt to create an asterisk next to Trump during the campaign. They wanted the vote that would allow them to say he’s been impeached. They want that to be a black mark on his reelection, but they can’t follow – (interruption) There’s that video again Snerdley. Ah, you missed it. Keep recycling that cheap SD Iranian video of their missile launch. So they don’t have an impeachable offense. This is a PR move that is backfiring, which is why I’m asking of the Democrats: Are you getting tired of losing yet?


RUSH: Da Nang Dick has walked it back. Da Nang Dick, Blumenthal yesterday, saying, “Hey, we need to get on with this, present the articles.” Today is singing a different tune.

BLUMENTHAL: What I’ve heard from my Democratic colleagues is not only a sense of urgency about impeachment, but a trust in the judgement of the Speaker. And I think she will make the right decisions at the right time.

RUSH: All right. So he last night says, “We gotta move on with this. What are we doing? Send those articles over.” Today he trusts in the judgment of the Speaker, saying that she will make the right decision. So what the hell happened here? Does she have her own testicle lockbox like Hillary has? It has to be something. I mean, these people are even scared of her over in the Senate.


RUSH: Cookie just sent me a note here. CNN graphic. I didn’t see this. CNN graphic: “Pelosi privately signaling she’s planning to move on impeachment articles in the next 24 hours.” Now, I don’t know what that means, “move on impeachment.” It was a graphic. It was a CNN chyron graphic. It’s not a quote from her. She didn’t say it in front of a microphone. Twenty-four hours is a quarter ’til three on Friday. She’s actually gonna present the articles of impeachment on a Friday? We’ll see.

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