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RUSH: On Tuesday, the Turtle, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, announced that he had the votes to go ahead with Trump’s impeachment trial without calling witnesses or hearing any new evidence. Despite what the Democrats are demanding.

Now, the Turtle said that those issues will be decided after the trial begins – after Senators hear the stupid, flimsy, rot-gut case that the ultra-partisan, Trump-hating Democrats in the House threw together in a desperate election-year attempt to take Trump out.

Hours after the Turtle said he had the votes, Speaker Pelosi said she’d soon transmit the two articles of impeachment to the Senate, once McConnell makes the rules public. Dianne Feinstein told Pelosi to get on the stick, to send them over. So it looks like Pelosi is gonna have to blink. She loses; the Turtle wins.

The outcome of this political theater is known. Senate Democrats will vote to convict Trump; the Republicans, will vote to acquit, and Trump will remain in office stronger than ever.

What isn’t known is how the fringe-kook Democrat base is gonna react. Will they applaud the losing effort? Or will they punish their own party for yet another abject failure? Are they tired of losing yet?

We do know this. Republicans will be super-energized going into the November elections. The Democrats, you people better fasten your seatbelts, because you are a shrinking minority. Don’t doubt me.

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