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RUSH: President Trump’s about to wrap up an impromptu press conference at the White House. He’s got some hard hat guys sanding behind him. It was an infrastructure type gathering. This has been… it’s so much fun to watch this. This guy, President Trump, he’s like me. He can take any question on any subject and just nail it. They can’t screw him up, they can’t confuse him, they can’t doublespeak him. He rams it down their throat.

The big news today, the Democrats — we’ve got the audio sound bites – the Democrats and the media are livid, are outraged that Trump continues to blame Obama for the Iran nuke deal and he continues to say that Obama deposited $150 billion, $1.8 billion in cash on the tarmac in Iraq. And the Drive-Bys, Andrea Mitchell, CNN (imitation), “He didn’t do it. He keeps bringing up Obama. Why does he keep bringing Obama up?”

And he brings this up again, and these hard hat guys standing behind him, whoever the guests are in the White House, they start laughing. They’re having the grandest time, just now concluding it to coincide with the beginning of this program. The president’s on schedule today. There was a period during this little presser where the president was talking about Iran and how there’s never gonna be, they’re not gonna get a nuclear weapon. He’s told ’em. There’s not gonna be a nuclear weapon and America’s never gonna be a socialist country.

And he said (paraphrasing), “Now, look. We gotta keep in mind in here, Iran could be waiting. They could be hoping that some of the Democrats win in 2020. They could be waiting for a weaker president, like Biden or maybe Fauxcahontas.” He said “Fauxcahontas” and these guys standing behind him looked at each other, jabbed each other, and started laughing. And of course the media in the room is seething. The media in the room privately, quietly outraged that Trump continues to disrespect the people that they like, the Democrats. “Why does he call her Fauxcahontas?” they keep asking themselves.

Folks, it was great. It’s a joy to watch this stuff, because he has them in the palm of his hand. And they continue to live with this belief that they are circling Trump and that they’re getting closer to wiping him out and destroying him. And each time they adopt this attitude or think they’re getting close, he just shuts ’em down. And with these hard hat guys that were standing behind him who were the reason for the White House briefing today, the White House meeting, when you see these guys start laughing at the way the president’s communicating, you can see that they love him and that they’re just having the greatest time.

They’re happy to be there. And you know that this irritates the media even more. And irritating the media’s a big deal because that’s the same thing as irritating the Democrat Party.

Pressure is mounting on Pelosi within her own party to send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate. In fact, you hear what the Turtle said, Mr. Snerdley? The Turtle said this is a challenging time to create bipartisan agreement, but the Speaker has managed to do the impossible. She has created growing bipartisan unity in opposition to her own reckless games with impeachment because more and more Democrats are now throwing in the towel, essentially, and signaling that they want Pelosi to send the articles of impeachment over and get this show on the road because they understand nothing is going to come of this, and they understand the Turtle is not gonna change the rules to accommodate her or the Democrats.

The rules are gonna be the same as they’ve always been for impeachment in the Senate, specifically here the rules that were in place during the Clinton impeachment. But we now know, by the way, we now know why Pelosi is holding the articles –well, I mean, we know that. But I mean we have learned where she got the idea. You know where she got the idea? TIME magazine says she got the idea from watching John Dean on CNN.

Now, isn’t that choice. They’re always ripping Trump for watching cable news, for watching Fox News. And now we find out that Pelosi gets the idea for holding onto the articles from John Dean and an appearance he had on CNN.

The president was asked about Mike Lee. Mike Lee had an eruption after the briefing yesterday and thought it was outrageous. You know what the root of it is? I finally found out what it was. The secretary of defense in the briefing said, “You know, you guys, you really you shouldn’t spend any time debating this. We need to get moving on it.”

And Lee was outraged and livid over the fact that the secretary of defense, somebody in the defense department would come in and tell them not to debate things. It wasn’t so mad he’s upset at the policy or the procedures. It was what he was told by somebody from the Department of Defense.

Now, Trump was asked about it, and classic Trump, he said, “I got calls from senators saying it was the best presentation ever. It was the best presentation they’ve ever seen, the best presentation of any presentation.” Just like his phone call with the president of Ukraine was a perfect phone call. There’d never been a better phone call, never been a more perfect phone call. The presentation yesterday was perfect. It was the greatest, it was the best presentation that the Senate ever got. He had many senators, he said, call and tell him that.

Now, Mike Lee and Rand Paul want information that’s hard to get. But they were — especially Mike Lee was not happy over this. Again, I gather it’s because of what he was told. His interpretation was, you guys just ought to rubber stamp this and let us get on with it, and that’s what he was upset about. There may be some specifics of the policy as well that he was upset about. But the presentation, look at the results.

You know, Trump has always lived in a results-oriented world, not a process world. You know, this is one of the big problems that Washington people have in dealing with Trump. He’s not a process guy. You know, at the end of a long day where nothing gets done but the process went down smoothly, Trump doesn’t go home thinking, “Man, we had a great day today.” He goes home thinking, “This was a botch of a day. We didn’t get anything done.”

And bureaucracies are not, by definition, results oriented. It is not an exaggeration to say that many bureaucracies do not want solutions. Solutions mean that there’s no longer any need for process. And bureaucrats love to do things to sustain the reasons for their own existence. The worst thing, in some respects, for bureaucrats is a solution to problems.

Trump is a results-oriented person. He’s not process — and that, I think, is one of the big disconnects. Process is an art form. Process, in Washington, is an art form. It’s where nothing gets done but everybody is fooled into believing that progress is being made, that there are things being accomplished. Process is where people get to show off their brains. They get to show off their knowledge. Process is where people get to show off the awareness of the intricacies of how a bureaucracy operates.

Trump doesn’t care about any of that. Trump is purely results-oriented. If there aren’t any results, then you haven’t finished anything and you haven’t done anything. So in Trump’s world, there’s a gigantic result here. We gotta rid of Soleimani. We threw Iran off balance big time. We have asserted our primacy. We have tightened sanctions even further. We have done more to bring Iran to heel than Obama ever did, and Obama was a pure process guy.

So Trump is looking at what he’s done here as a major, major achievement, a great result. And he’s up against people complaining about how he did it, about the process. You know, it’s within the confines of the process that we are treated to such terms as bipartisanship and fairness and cooperation and working with the other side. All that’s fine and dandy with Trump if you get to a result, if you get to a solution, if you accomplish something, if you achieve something, if you advance your own objectives.

The objectives for bureaucrats and process-oriented people do not include results — and do not doubt me on this. It is a major stumbling point. Too much progress… Let me explain it this way. Washington has — and they’re not alone. Many bureaucracies — local government, corporations, you name it — love to get accolades while not doing much. Make it look like they’re all working hard. Make it look like progress is being made, but there aren’t really any results.

There’s cleverness and there is gamesmanship and there’s advantage and disadvantage, but actual results, not much, because Washington has for the longest time gotten away with the belief that getting results is really hard, really hard. “It requires bipartisanship. It requires a lot of sacrifice. It requires a lot of hard work. ” The American people have gotten used to the snail’s pace of whatever objectives government or Washington has.

Trump is not of that world.

If you decide that you need to do something like raise taxes, you do it. If you decide you need to reform health care, you do it. And it remains one of the greatest areas of disconnect that exists. And Trump is gonna continue to win these things because he’s going to always… If you’ve got results to show, if you’ve got achievements to herald, if you have progress that you can demonstrate, you’re always going to triumph over people who don’t get anything done and who are upset by things getting done.

Trump talked about all of the people walking around without arms and legs because of Soleimani, because of the Iranians, because of their IEDs, because of their acts of terror against the United States. He talks about going over to Walter Reed, seeing these brave people, and he doesn’t understand. Why in the world does anybody want to defend Soleimani? Why does anybody want to take up the case for Soleimani after witnessing what the man has done, both individually and as a representative of the Iranian government?

Then Trump made the point that Iran got really bad when all that money flowed in. He keeps pounding the fact that the Iran deal was a bad deal, that it’s expiring, that Iran will never have a nuke on his watch. He once again blames Obama. That just… He does this on purpose. He knows how to tweak ’em. He knows how to irritate ’em. He knows how to launch them into the stratosphere of anger and rage.

He makes the point, “Look, Iran’s not a wealthy country now. We’re gonna see what happens. They’re gonna be a different country. Sanctions are hurting them, and it’s gonna be up to them to fix it.” Meanwhile, you have people like John Kerry — who’s got ties to Iran — running around running around ripping into Trump! Trump is the bad guy. Trump is the problem.

They’re all now trying to deny that Obama did what he did, that Obama delivered them cash. One of the ways they’re trying to deny it is, “Hey, we didn’t give them any money. We owed them that.” No, we didn’t! We didn’t owe Iran any money. We froze some assets. Part of the sanctions. We didn’t owe them anything. Obama delivering $150 billion to Iran was not us paying them back for money of theirs that we had taken. Trump continues to make this point.

But in the midst of all this, look at the positioning.

Trump has all these people defending Iran, defending Soleimani — or at least taking their side versus Trump. It’s masterful, folks. These guys, these people — there are women in the group — are standing behind Trump and they’re laughing. They’re laughing as he tries to irritate the media. He knows how to do it. They’re laughing when he’s funny. It was just a great sight. To me, it cemented the bond that Trump has with the people of this country that voted for him — and even more now — and the disconnect that the media, the Democrats and the left are experiencing with the majority of people in the country.


RUSH: By the way, the press event today at the White House that I just characterized for you is on the deregulation that would allow construction projects to happen faster. It was exactly about that which I was making the point. Trump is a results-oriented guy. This was an event, was a press event on the deregulations the administration wants to do that would allow construction to happen faster. There was not one question on that, by the way.

Not a surprise, but nevertheless, I wanted to pass it on, that the Drive-By Media did not ask one question about it. And, of course, the people there that were assembled standing behind and next to the president would be the beneficiaries of this. It’s a plan to get rid of all kinds of red tape that raises the cost and lowers the speed and the pace at which projects get done, which would also reduce the opportunities for payoffs and graft and so forth.

The longer you string a project out, the more people you involve in it, the more hands can dip into the payment pool, so to speak. This is a classic event. This is a classic thing. I think one of the reasons Trump decided to bring the press in on this… I don’t think he expected to get any questions about it, but I think he wanted people to know that this thing was taking place. Because this is another example, another instance of the Trump agenda which is actually aimed at making things better in the country.

Trump has long said that he wants to ramp up and really improve, rebuild America’s infrastructure. It’s one of the first things that he talked about after he was inaugurated. It was a big part of his campaign. In fact, it would be so expensive he originally proposed a public-private partnership to get it done where there be public money, government money, and private sector money pooled together to bring it up and make it happen at a more rapid pace than it otherwise would.

It kind of languished, but this is the kind of thing. This is what average, ordinary Americans complain about. How many of you have had a remodeling project or any kind of a construction project? It never shows up on time. No matter what they tell you, it never comes in on time, and it never comes in on budget. It’s gotten to the point now if you’re building a house or you’re adding a room or whatever?

Whatever they tell you, add a couple of months and add a couple of thousand dollars so that you won’t be disappointed when that happens. This is the kind of thing that, on a grand scale — building highways, remodeling airports or highway systems, this kind of thing — speed is of the essence — and, of course, getting it done right. So this is right in the wheelhouse. The Democrats are running around talking about spending all this money on health care, treating everybody as victims.

Once again, here’s Donald Trump — results oriented — wanting to be able to tick off successes after successes, achievements after achievements, and he’s up against a bunch of process people. Now, if both parties are engaged in process as part of a campaign and trying to win the day on who’s the better at process, then you’ve got a dull, boring campaign. But when you’ve got somebody demonstrably able to get results up against process people, the process people don’t have a prayer, and that’s what they know.


RUSH: This money — and there will be more coming up on the program today — I just want to tell you point-blank again: What Trump says about Obama providing the mullahs in Iran $150 billion is indisputable. He says Obama made it available, made available the money that paid for the missiles that were launched a couple of nights ago, and he’s exactly right. In fact, it’s undeniable.

Even if the money was previously frozen, even if it was frozen for private Iran businesses, even if the money was frozen — even if a small part of that was money that Iran had paid for military equipment that they never got — it doesn’t matter. It’s not money that we owed them. These people are going to the brink of insanity to defend Obama.

And you know what’s happening? The more Trump calls Obama out… It is brilliant. This is what’s been absent on our side dealing with the left for way too long. They spend every day ripping us to shreds, lying about us, false allegations — accusations of racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, all of that stuff — and we never hit ’em back, particularly when it comes to policy, except for Trump.

Trump rips into Obama for Obamacare, rips into Obama for the Iran nuclear deal, rips into Obama for the Paris climate accords, never stops doing it. It’s no wonder they wish he’d stop tweeting. The reason they wish he’d stop tweeting, Trump is single-handedly informing a large swath of the American people things they have not been told, points of view they have not heard if they exclusively pay attention to the Drive-By Media.

Believe me, folks, this is all masterful. And the ongoing tweaks like at that press availability today, dumping on Obama again for dropping the cash. He knows it’s just irritating them to no end, and he loves doing it.

Let me sneak a phone call in first before we go to the break. San Leanna, Texas. This is Joey. Joey, great to have you with us, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great. What an honor it is to speak to you and to be the first caller. So right to my point. After listening to you for 25 years, I wanted to let you know I think there is someone out there who may be as good at tweaking the media, the Drive-Bys, as you are.

RUSH: That would be President Trump, I assume you mean?

CALLER: Absolutely. I am so proud. And but for the fact that I have listened to you for so long, I don’t think I would have spotted it. But I think he intentionally dropped two words into his tweets, cultural sites, to totally set up the media and get a really, really big narrative out to the most people possible.

Because right after he put that, they put the Democrats right in support of Iran and the Drive-Bys in a position where you had Pompeo and several other people out there saying the biggest threat to Persian culture is the Iranian regime itself. And I thought that was significant, and I saw it all over my social media and the news in primetime and the Drive-Bys throwing that clip out there without even knowing what they were doing.

RUSH: You’re very shrewd. You know why you’re really right about this? This is an example of arrogance, and arrogance is nailing the media and the Democrats countless times a day. The arrogance here is they think that Trump is an abject idiot. They think he is a low IQ buffoon. On the other hand, they believe they are of superior intellect, untouchable intellect, nobody smarter, nobody more clever, nobody with more wisdom. Nobody with more brilliance when it comes to strategic political tactics.

So they’re sitting there thinking Trump is an idiot, that they dwarf him in every meaningful category of intelligence. So, you’re right. Trump comes along and tweets that he might even hit some of their cultural sites. What does this do? It forces the Democrat Party and their intellectual leadership, the Drive-By Media, to come to the defense of Iran.

So here they are coming to the defense of Iran in their unstoppable, instinctive desire to hit Trump. And so Trump positions them perfectly. He draws them out. He makes them demonstrate what they try to hide. He makes them, in a fit of rage, expose their bias, or worse.

One other thing before we go to the break. I’ve noticed a couple, three callers in the last couple of days at the beginning of the call say, “Mr. Snerdley told me to get right to the point.” Let me explain to you why we do this. It has nothing to do with me not wanting to talk to you. It is that time here is precious. I don’t want to tell you how many minutes of each hour is devoted to… but I’m telling you, time is precious.

And when you call and when Snerdley screens you and if you pass the process to appear on the program, it’s because Snerdley has decided I need to hear what you want to say. Me hearing what your point is is what’s gonna propel this. So he says get to the point. That’s why you’re here. It’s not rooted in trying to shortchange you. It’s not rooted in trying to be rude or any of that.

It’s trying to make your call the absolute best it can be for the people listening. Because the reason you get past the screening process is because of what you want to say, at least what you tell him you want to say. So the point is, get right to it. That’s all it is. It has nothing to do with anything other than you looking the best you can as a caller.


RUSH: Here you go. This is another thing Trump said. I, by the way, have some sound bites of Trump’s press availability coming up in the next hour, and it’s great. If you missed it, you’re going to hear some highlights. One of the things he said — and he got no questions on this, no questions at all on the purpose of the press availability and of his meeting today.

He said, “The United States will not be able to compete and prosper in the twenty-first century if we continue to allow a broken and outdated bureaucrat system to hold us back.” Once again, the president taking right out after process in exchange for results. He is a results-oriented guy. He’s being held back by bureaucracy and process, and he wants to eliminate all these roadblocks, all these regulations.

By the way, we’ve got more redundant regulations than we need for safety, environmental impact. This stuff is piled on top of itself to the point that projects are paralyzed. Do you know how long in 1930 to ’34, somewhere in a four-year range, we built the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the Hoover Dam, in the Depression, four years.

Look how long it took to rebuild one tower of the World Trade Center because everybody wanted their piece of it, and a whole host of other reasons as well. And infrastructure reform remains a huge part of Trump’s agenda. And he’s right that much of America’s infrastructure’s old, dilapidated, and needs to be remodeled, reformed, if you will. And he’s making a big push to get it done. We’ve got enough process going on, we have enough regulations piled on top of regulations that bog everything down.


RUSH: San Diego. This is Tony. Great to have you, sir. Glad you waited. You’re up next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks so much. This is a happy New Year for me. Been listening to you for a long time. This morning you commented about process versus results as to the reason why President Trump’s so successful. Man, that sure rang a bell with me in terms of everything that he’s fighting against in Washington, D.C., and really, I told my brother in Atlanta — I know he’s listening — that Trump’s developer mentality is what’s gonna be able to deal with the process that goes on in Washington, D.C.

‘Cause when you’re a developer and you’re signing the front of the check, you get suck in these projects, I got friends out here that go, “Oh, yeah, 10 years, 15.” I have a friend that’s ready to break ground next month, 20 years in the making to put bulldozers in the ground. And so it was just a great, great short, sweet statement that you made that just describes why this president is gonna be so successful. So I appreciate that.

RUSH: Well, you’re more than welcome. I’m glad for that observation. And it’s even more than that. It’s not only the reason why he is going to succeed. If you’re the only guy interested in results and progress, achievement and moving the ball, and everybody around you is interested in the process, you can’t help but win when you have the power Trump has.

But in addition to that, the process — there’s another word for it. The establishment. There’s another term for it. The deep state. Believe me, this system that they have that’s been in place for, well, literally since World War II, that has slowly been adopted and believed by the American people, it just takes a long time to get anything done when government’s involved. And they’ve told us that and they’ve conditioned us to accept it because it’s so big and it’s so intricate and we have partisanship here and partisanship over there.

The longer the process goes on, there’s a lot of power for people involved in the process. And having no solutions allows for never ending studies, which cost money, which are paid to people to conduct. I mean, it’s a racket, in a sense. The illusion is that the process is advancing things, that the process is moving the ball. But it doesn’t.

I bet if you stop and think — and I can’t, unfortunately, think of a specific off the top of my head. But if you think back over your recent years as you have watched government and you’ve seen proposals for tax cuts and nothing happens for years or you’ve seen a proposal for whatever policy issue that you support and it doesn’t really ever happen, it might get close, you’ve just become accustomed to the fact that this is how it works.

And so here comes this giant wrecking ball thrown into the midst of this, the wrecking ball is named Donald Trump, and he doesn’t live this way, and he doesn’t conduct business this way, and he’s not at all comfortable with or successful because of process. He’s a results-oriented guy. So he’s pushing for results, pushing, pushing, pushing, and look at what all has happened in just three years, things that the American people have been conditioned to believe do not happen in a generation.


RUSH: I’ve got some sound bites from Trump’s event at the White House today. It was an event on proposed National Environmental Policy Act regulations. It was a meeting with people in the construction industry. The objective here is to massively speed up construction projects. That was the objective. The people that would benefit by this were among the group of people invited to the White House, and the president did a press availability after he had the meeting. We have some sound bites with the media here.

THE PRESIDENT: I had calls from numerous senators and numerous congressmen and women saying it was the greatest presentation they’ve ever had. Mike and Rand Paul disagreed because they want information that, honestly, I think is very hard to get. It’s okay if the military wants to give it, but they didn’t want to give it. And it really had to do with sources and information that we had that really should remain at a very high level.

Could we individually maybe give one or two of them some information? Possibly, if we can do that. We did it because they were looking to blow up our embassy. We also did it for other reasons that were very obvious. Somebody died. One of our military people died. People were badly wounded just the week before — and we did it. We had a shot at him, and I took it, and that shot was pinpoint accurate, and that was the end of a monster.

RUSH: Now, that is in response to Senator Mike Lee and Senator Rand Paul who were ripping the briefing that they got yesterday. Now, I don’t know the whole story. One of the things I have picked up, one of the things I’ve gathered — and this could be incorrect as well — is that Lee was… Well, no, I think this actually is true. Apparently, the secretary of defense or undersecretary in the briefing told some senators, “You ought not waste time debating any of this. This had to be done; we did it.”

And that Mike Lee was greatly offended by the fact that somebody in the Pentagon was telling him not to debate anything. Now, there may have been other elements of the briefing that ticked him off, but Trump said he had a bunch of calls from numerous senators saying it was the greatest presentation ever. Greatest meeting. Greatest presentation. Just like the “perfect phone call” with the guy in Ukraine, it was a great meeting. It was the best ever.

A lot of senators told Trump they’d never had a better presentation by any president ever (laughing), and the media’s in there taking all this thing literally! They take it literally. They take it seriously. They get offended. “How dare he say he had the best briefing.” They have no idea. They haven’t even taken the time to try to get to know or understand Trump. They just sit there and they fall for it every time. They get offended on cue. They get mad, they get outraged on cue, and Trump eats it up.

Now he hits Pelosi in this next soundbite for defending Iran.

THE PRESIDENT: You know what bothers me? When I see Nancy Pelosi trying to defend this monster from Iran who’s killed so many people. So many people are walking around now without legs and without arms ’cause he was the big roadside bomb guy. He was the one that’d send them to Afghanistan, send him to Iraq. He was big. That was his favorite thing. He thought it was wonderful. He doesn’t think it’s wonderful anymore. When Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to defend him, I think that’s a very bad thing for this country. I think that’s a big losing argument politically, too.

RUSH: Okay. Here we go again, because, you know, I caught some grief. You might be surprised to learn that. I caught some grief for saying on Monday that the Democrats were out defending the Iranians, that the Democrats were sounding like the Iranians. Who was it? It was… Oh, it was Brit Hume. That’s right. Brit Hume on Fox News thought it was not entirely fair for me to say that. By the way, that’s a popular word in official Washington when you want to criticize somebody. You accuse them of not being “fair” about whatever they’re saying or whatever they’re doing. It’s a mild-mannered rebuke.

It’s a stand-in for saying, “That son of a ‘Bite Me’ is as wrong as – this is stupid, this is asinine.” Instead you say, “That wasn’t quite fair to say.” And everybody inside the Beltway knows what you’re saying. But if you happen to be quoted, what’s offensive about saying somebody was unfair?

At any rate, I was said to have been unfair in my categorization of the Democrats being indistinguishable from the Iranians in attacking Trump. Well, I defy anybody to prove me wrong. And here was Trump saying the same thing. Now this is Trump getting his rejoinder in. You know, they all said this was gonna be Trump’s Benghazi.

THE PRESIDENT: I think it was obvious, if you look at the protests — and this was the anti-Benghazi. Benghazi was a disaster. They were saying we think we can have him tomorrow. I said, “Nope, they gotta go right now.” And they were on their way very quickly and they got there almost — I mean, they got there quickly.

They could have done that with Benghazi, too, by the way. Same thing. Had they done what I did, you wouldn’t know the name Benghazi, it would not be a very famous name. Now it’s a very famous name. This was the anti-Benghazi. That was a totally organized plot, and you know who organized it, that man right now is not around any longer. Okay? And he had more than that particular embassy in mind.

RUSH: Meaning that Soleimani was gonna hit additional targets. I know he just turned a flamethrower on ’em. He just said Benghazi was a disaster. They could have done what I did with Benghazi. He’s hitting Obama and Hillary again. And you could just see, the press was in the shot. It was kind of a side view, you could see Jonathan Karl, ABC. You could see the jaw muscles clench. You could see, you could see the evidence that they didn’t like it. Trump hitting Obama, hitting Hillary, claiming this was the anti-Benghazi. They could have done what I did. They could have prevented Benghazi, but they didn’t. But I didn’t let this become Benghazi.

It’s along the same lines as Trump continually reminding everybody that Obama dumped $150 billion in cash for the Iranians and that that money was used to pay for the missiles that Iran launched on Tuesday night.

This is the one I told you about when the program began. Trump blaming Obama again, talking about Fauxcahontas and the Democrats. And as he talks, I want you to envision the hard hat representatives of the industries that would benefit from this regulations act laughing themselves, nudging each other with their elbows as Trump is speaking.

THE PRESIDENT: One of the problems of which there was many, $150 billion dollars, $1.8 billion in cash, all of that money, and then that money was used for terror. Because if you look at Iran, it wasn’t so bad until they got all that money. They used that money for terror. The Iran deal, it was just something that is no good for our country. It expires in a short time. That means they would be on their path to nuclear weapons.

And for me it’s about nuclear weapons, more than anything else. Iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. Iran will never have a nuclear weapon. They understand that. We have told them very strongly. Iran now is not wealthy like it was when President Obama handed ’em $150 billion. They’re a much different country. We’ll see whether or not they want to negotiate. Maybe they want to wait ’til after the election and negotiate with a weak Democrat, somebody like a Biden or a Pocahontas or Buttigieg or one of these characters.

RUSH: The people standing behind him are laughing, they’re chuckling, they’re nudging each other and winking at each other and the press with clenched jaws is just about to explode as once again Trump accuses Obama of giving the Iranians $150 billion and calling Pocahontas and Biden weak, and maybe that’s what the Iranians are waiting for.

Folks, this is exactly the way we have hoped the people we elected would deal with the Democrats for I don’t know how many years. And it’s happening. And it happens every day. And now another brief but obscene profit time-out here at the EIB Network. We’ll be back.


RUSH: You know, a good way to describe Pelosi and the Democrats, they actually sound like Soleimani’s lawyers. If Soleimani had a lawyer, he would sound like the Democrats. I think it’s probably the most descriptive way I can categorize the Democrats’ attitudes and comments on Soleimani.

By the way, Kenneth Timmerman, a defense specialist foreign policy expert — this is in the New York Post — has a book, and it’s a new book called Dark Forces. You know what he asserts in this book? He asserts that Soleimani was the architect of Benghazi, that Soleimani, the Iranian terrorist that Trump just took out, Qassem Soleimani, was the architect and the planner of the terror attack on the embassy in Benghazi.

Now, Trump said in his press availability at the White House today, he said that Qassem Soleimani was planning to blow up the U.S. embassy. Now, isn’t that news? Isn’t that enough reason to ice him? He’s planning to blow up the embassy. You stop and think of what these people did after 9/11, the media and the Democrats got all over George W. Bush — remember? — for not connecting the dots.

All the intel we had on bin Laden, and no dots were connected so we couldn’t stop the attack on 9/11. Even Clinton came in for some criticism of that. But they really hit George W. Bush on that. He didn’t know what he was doing, he was illegitimate anyway with the Florida recount, blah, blah, blah. He was too stupid, he couldn’t even connect the dots, couldn’t stop bin Laden.

And now here’s Trump, he’s taken out Soleimani on the basis that he had already hit one embassy. He was the architect of the bombing of the Saudi oil depot, and he was planning on hitting another U.S. embassy. That’s reason enough. So Trump connects the dots, takes the guy out, and the Democrats sound like the guy’s defense lawyer. I don’t think there’s any question about it.

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