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RUSH: The Hill.com just ran an article titled “Why We Need a ‘Deep State.’” It’s by Steven Cash, former CIA operations officer and former staff counsel for Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Mr. Cash admits that, yeah, there is a Deep State operating in the intelligence community and every other government agency. He says a better name would be the “Steady State,” because the men and women who are in it have chosen government as a career. He says they carry out every president’s policies, even ones they don’t like. They don’t subvert. They enhance. They are competent.

And they don’t deserve the vicious attacks from the Trump Administration and members of Congress, he says. Presidents come and go, but the Deep State is made up of patriots who keep this big government running smoothly. And that’s what we should believe.

Well, maybe we would believe it if we didn’t have eyes, and if we didn’t have the Steele Dossier, if we didn’t have the texts of FBI agents, if we didn’t have the phony Russia Collusion hoax, if we didn’t have the phony impeachment hoax, and Democrat Party fingerprints all over the ongoing attempt to overturn the 2016 election.

Maybe we could believe this sanitized version of the Deep State if the liberals working in government didn’t proudly announce that they are “the resistance,” intent on subverting Trump.

Yeah, we’ve seen the Deep State in action for three years now. Actually, longer than that. And I’m gonna tell you, seeing is believing. Nice try, buddy, but we’re not that stupid.

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