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Jan 10, 2020


The Hill: Pelosi Set to Send Impeachment Articles to the Senate Next Week
Townhall: Pelosi’s Democrats Threaten Democracy in the Name of Protecting It
Washington Examiner: Eight Democrats Vote Against Curbing Trump War Powers in Iran
Daily Wire: Democrat Pete Buttigieg Blasted For Blaming U.S. For Iran Shooting Passenger Plane
FOXNews: AOC Riles Dems by Refusing to Pay Party Dues, Bankrolling Colleagues’ Opponents
Daily Wire: Trey Gowdy: Democrats Have Devious Plan With Impeachment, Goal Is Not To Remove Trump
Breitbart: John Kerry Complains Donald Trump Ruined Iran Deal
ZeroHedge: Trump Says “Pathetic” Democrats Would’ve Leaked Soleimani Strike Plans To “Fake” Media
HotAir: Infrastructure Week Returns: White House To Revamp Enviro Regs To Fast-Track Improvements
NewsBusters: AP Blames U.S. and Trump for Iran Shooting Down Civilian Jet
NewsBusters: CNN’s Camerota Backs Democrat Rep in Blaming Trump for Airliner Shootdown
ZeroHedge: Trump Says “Pathetic” Democrats Would’ve Leaked Soleimani Strike Plans To “Fake” Media
CNBC: Dow Falls 100 Points After Topping 29,000 for First Time Earlier in the Session
CNSNews: Record 158,803,000 Americans Employed; 1.85M Year-to-Year Increase
ABC: Pompeo, Mnuchin Detail New Sanctions on Top Iranian Officials
Federalist: Washington Tries, And Fails, To Defend Nancy Pelosi’s Failed Impeachment Strategy – Ben Domenech
FOXNews: Trump Impeachment Trial is Not About Him. THIS is What Democrats Want Now
New York Times: Trump Has Made Us All Stupid. The Decline of Discourse in the Anti-Trump Echo Chamber – David Brooks
The Hill: Why We Need a ‘Deep State’
New York Post: Harry and Meghan ‘Will Be Punished’ for Defying Queen with Megxit
Breitbart: Trump Holds Ohio Rally
Daily Wire: No Senate Democrats Support Measure Praising Military For Killing Soleimani. All GOP Senators Supported Same Resolution About Bin Laden During Obama Years


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