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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Jan 14, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

AP: Iran announces arrests over downing of plane that killed 176
Reuters: Canada’s Trudeau: Iran plane victims would be alive had there been no regional tensions
Reuters: Britain willing to work on alternative Iran nuclear deal – PM
Fox News: Iran Nuclear Deal E.U. Sanctions
The Hill: Up to 10 GOP Senators Bucking Trump on War Powers
AP: U.S. officials cite deterrence to defend lethal drone strike
AP: Trump support for Iran protesters could fuel anti-U.S. forces
AP: Russians hacked company key to Ukraine scandal: researchers
AP: Judge refuses to second-guess family separations at border
AP: Sanders didn’t think woman could win presidency, Warren says
Washington Post: Sanders-Warren feud takes a turn onto the dangerous turf of gender
Fox News: Mark Steyn: Harry & Meghan’s Reported Deal with Disney’s Iger the Lowest Point in the Monarchy in a Century
Politico: Elizabeth Warren Threatens to Use Executive Order to Cancel All Student Loan Debt
BizPacReview: Liz Warren’s America: Bold Announcement on How She’ll Halt Mining, Drilling and New Home Building
AP: 6 big questions ahead of final debate before start of voting
Reuters: House Democrats huddle ahead of expected transfer of Trump Articles
The Hill: Republicans Brush Off Trump’s Call for Impeachment Dismissal
The Hill: GOP Leadership Says There Aren’t 51 Votes to Dismiss Trump Articles of Impeachment
Politico: Republicans face reckoning on impeachment witnesses
Fox News: Kevin McCarthy: Biden should ‘pledge’ not to campaign during impeachment trial in case Pelosi tried to help him

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