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Guest Host Ken Matthews

Jan 16, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

AP: ‘Impartial Justice’? What to watch in Trump’s Senate trial
AP: Senate takes over Trump’s impeachment after House handoff
AP: Democratic impeachment managers will need some GOP help
Breitbart: Listen: After Debate, Warren Accuses Sanders of Calling Her a Liar, Sanders Says She Called Him a Liar
Politico: Rand Paul threatens fellow Republicans with explosive witness votes
AP: Nancy Pelosi hands out impeachment pens, a signing tradition
FOXNews: Pelosi hands out souvenir pens, Dems slammed for gloating as House delivers Trump impeachment articles
AP: Giuliani associate: Trump had knowledge of Ukraine pressure
The Hill: Pelosi raises record $87M in 2019
The Hill: Ukraine launches criminal investigation into alleged threats against former US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch
FOXNews: Donald Trump Jr. accuses Yovanovitch of ‘monitoring’ him, other Americans
New York Times: Its Reputation Tattered, Polarized Senate Faces a Steep Impeachment Test
BizPacReview: Kamala Harris, advocacy groups push to suspend judicial confirmations during impeachment trial
Reuters: With rivals stuck in impeachment trial, Biden and Buttigieg to barnstorm Iowa
AP: Warren-Sanders rift has progressives nervous about fallout
Politico: Left launches bid to unify Sanders, Warren camps
New York Times: New Iowa caucus rules could spark clashing claims of victory
The Hill: Walsh plans protest at RNC headquarters over ‘nakedly anti-Democratic’ primary cancellations
AP: Rep. Kirkpatrick of Arizona seeking treatment for alcoholism
Reuters: Iran accuses Europe of yielding to ‘high school bully’ Trump in nuclear row
New York Times: U.S. Military Resumes Joint Operations With Iraq
Reuters: China welcomes US deal, says ‘core concerns’ must be met
AP: Senate expected to give Trump back-to-back trade victories
Mediaite: Giuliani Pal Lev Parnas Accuses Trump of Clear Quid Pro Quo: ‘All Aid’ Was Predicated on Biden Investigation Announcement
PageSix: Prince Harry makes first — and possibly last — public appearance since Megxit

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