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RUSH: I haven’t talked about the latest to-do with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and the divorce from the royal family. Does anybody not really know what happened here? Are there still some people who don’t know – (interruption) You can’t figure this one out? Come on. All right. Does Prince Harry have a spine or not? The answer is no. And that is what happened.

If you think I’m gonna be sitting here sipping cocktails and pounding out babies every three years for the rest of my life in some dreary, dark castle running around going to horse races and touring Africa, you got another thing coming.

And he said, you could have told me this before we got married.

And she said, then we wouldn’t be married.

He said, oh, God. So she wants to go to Canada. Her dad came out and said she’s wrecking the royal family. Her dad said it, not me, her dad is saying this. And the media hates her dad because he’s fat. Pure and simple.

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