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Jan 20, 2020


National Review: The Hole in the Impeachment Case – Andrew McCarthy
American Greatness: This Tawdry Impeachment Spectacle Must Run Its Course – Conrad Black
FOXNews: ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants can’t identify Adam Schiff from a photo
Daily Wire: Trump Kicks Off Impeachment Week By Reminding Democrats What They’ve Said In The Past About Impeachment
Tablet: Obama Passed the Buck. Trump Refused to Play – Lee Smith
National Review: Energy Paradoxes Put Europe in a Precarious Position – Victor Davis Hanson
The Hill: Trump Claims Trade Victories with Revised NAFTA, China Deal
RealClearPolitics: Sen. McSally Defends Calling CNN Reporter “Liberal Hack”: “I Decided To Call A Liberal A Liberal”
Politico: John Roberts Finally Gets His Day as Umpire
PJ Media: Mitch McConnell Creates ‘Kill Switch’ to End Impeachment if It Becomes a ‘Circus’
PJ Media: Boom! Trump Has The Lowest Average Unemployment Rate of Any President in Recorded History
PJ Media: Under Trump, America May Be Its Strongest Since the End of World War II
FOXNews: Trump Impeachment Will Bring Pelosi and House Democrats Condemnation by History – Newt Gingrich
Wall Street Journal: How Trump Has Kept Near-Unanimous GOP Support Through Impeachment
CNN: Jeffrey Epstein’s Disregard for Environmental Protections Showed His Disrespect for the Law, Virgin Islands Says
NewsBusters: Fredo: Combat Vet McSally Is a ‘Punk,’ Should Lose Her Senate Race
NewsBusters: CNN Rages for Hours About ‘Indecent’ Slam of Manu Raju, ‘Liberal Hack’
Daily Caller: MSNBC News Anchor Reports, Without Evidence, That ‘Thousands’ Of ‘White Nationalists’ Are Rallying In Virginia
NewsBusters: ‘Another Charlottesville’: Nets Tout Gun Rights Rally Will ‘Turn Violent…Attract White Supremacists’
CNN: Virginia gun-rights Rally Concludes peacefully Despite Earlier Fears of Extremist Violence
Breitbart: NBC News Reporter Deletes Post Calling Pro-Second Amendment Event ‘White Nationalist Rally’
Breitbart: Pro-2A Americans Come to Virginia to Rally for Gun Rights
Project Veritas Action: Bernie 2020 Field Organizer States “F***ing Cities Will Burn” if Trump Wins Re-Election; Calls for Violence, Mass Murder of Opposition, and “Reign of Terror”
PageSix: Meghan Markle’s Dad Accuses Daughter of ‘Destroying’ the Royal Family


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.

“I hated not being here. And when there’s an absence like this, the first day back I have this compulsion to catch up on everything that happened when I was out because if I don’t talk about something, did it really happen?”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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