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RUSH: Well, well, well, well, well. So we’re gonna get it all kicked off, the sham show in the United States Senate, ostensibly about impeaching Donald Trump. What it’s really about — I mean, if the Democrats’ dream could come true, you will not have a chance to vote for Donald Trump in November ’cause he’s not gonna be there. That’s what they’re trying to affect.

Now, they got no chance at doing that. That’s the objective. So they’re attempting to do other things. Their primary focus today — and I’m gonna lay this all out for you so that you have no confusion whatsoever about it. They are targeting four Republican senators to vote with them to go against McConnell’s rules to open it up to new evidence and new witnesses.

Now, along those lines, I want to remind you of something, ’cause I mentioned it yesterday. I said that they are looking for four Jeff Flakes. You remember what happened with Jeff Flake and the Kavanaugh hearings. Jeff Flake wimped out. Now, he’s a good buddy, as much as anybody can be a good buddy, of Delaware Senator Chris Coons, and Coons was working on him outside the hearing room when they would take breaks.

“Come on, Jeff, you know what the right thing to do here is. You know this guy’s a serial pervert,” and Flake, hating Trump and mad at Trump that Flake was not gonna be reelected, couldn’t even win a primary contest in Arizona, was susceptible. What really turned Flake, if you remember and you probably don’t, which is why I, Rush Limbaugh, am here. Do you remember Flake was outside the hearing room and all senators were going back and forth to their offices and to do that they have to get on elevators and trams and trains and who knows what else.

Well, a bunch of feminazi banshees trapped Flake in an elevator — and CNN was right there, they had been tipped off — CNN was part of the feminazi banshee brigade as he was coming out of the Kavanaugh hearing, and he was scared to death. He was as scared of these women as these young boys are apparently afraid of having sex.

And, by the way, that new book we talked about. You know why these young boys are afraid of having sex? I forgot to mention the payoff. It’s porn. They’re watching porn. And they all think, “My God, this is what women expect, and I don’t have it, oh, my.” And they’re scared. They’re scared to get undressed. We’re talking 16-year-olds.

Back in my day you couldn’t wait to get undressed, no matter what the fear. But today they’re scared of having sex because they’ve all seen porn and they’re worried that they can’t possibly match up with Johnny Blue Steel or whatever his name. I don’t know, I don’t watch porn so I don’t know what these guys’ names are. Cold Blue Steel, is that one guy’s nickname? No, that’s what Viagra does for you. I’m sorry. I got confused.

So Flake was terrified. He turned whiter than your average white cake. He was scared to death. CNN was right there, and they had their own cameras, and they were screaming at him. And he was white as a sheet. He could have been a Klansman for all anybody knew. And then the Drive-Bys got it, and they put it on a 24/7 loop. And it looked like Jeff Flake was singularly targeted because he was a bad guy. And, of course, he fell hook, line, and sinker.

And he started wavering on Kavanaugh, if you remember, it was Jeff Flake (imitating Flake), “You know what? I think we do need to bring the FBI back in. I think we do need to have more investigations because of all of the revelations here from Christine Blasey Ford and Avenatti,” who, by the way, this guy was being heralded as a Democrat presidential nominee ’cause he could be the Democrat version of Trump, at least what the Democrats think of Trump.

So Avenatti apparently has been caught pilfering funds from 170 different people that had trust accounts at his law firm. This guy is in deep doo-doo. He was one of the heroes in the Kavanaugh imbroglio, and they were using Flake, they literally scared the guy to death. Well, this is what they’re gonna try to do. I’m reminding you of this to prepare you. This thing doesn’t kick off for another 50 minutes.

And between now and then — you know, they’ve got these four Republican senators targeted to vote with them — McConnell announced rules to hasten everything, speed it up, have a lot of the trial — ha-ha-ha – happen. The close of the day will be midnight. The theory, nobody will be watching. And so they’re gonna be pulling whatever similar kind of tactics they have to in order to secure these four recalcitrant Republicans.

Cory Gardner is one. Martha McSally is another. Republicans that are thought to be in trouble. You Republicans, I just want to tell you something. You’re not in trouble. The 2020 turnout is going to be nothing like the 2018 turnout. The 2018 turnout that gave the Democrats the House is not gonna be – you’re gonna have Trump on the ballot. Donald Trump is going to win double digits black support. Donald Trump is going to kick butt in this election and nobody sees it yet, except us, who are able to read the tea leaves and just simply follow basic public opinion.

You Republicans have no need to be worried, is my point, especially worried if you align with Trump. Your problem’s gonna be if you break with Trump, that’s where your problem’s gonna be. Look at Flake. Ultimately that’s what happened to him. So I just wanted to prep you for that, and here’s Chuck You Schumer. This morning he had a little press conference. Grab audio sound bite number 22. Here he is pleading with the Republicans and moderates to join the Democrats.

SCHUMER: We will rest easy if we know we have required the truth to come out. Unfortunately in the minority that’s not solely up to us. We need four Republicans who are willing to stand up for what’s right, who are willing to stand up for what America wants and needs and not simply bow down to the president who, you know, most Americans know what this guy’s all about. Do most Americans really believe he wants a fair trail? I don’t think so.

RUSH: Most Americans understand that you and your Democrat buddies are so far over the edge on this that it’s you they want no part of, Chuck You. You may think you represent a majority of the American people and the American people’s thinking, but you’re nowhere close. They simply don’t see the president the way you do when they compare you to the president. They want no part of you.

They want no part of your policies that we had for eight years under Obama. They don’t want any part of it. They don’t want Adam Schiff ruling are the day. They don’t want any part of that. So you can live in your dreamland all you want about how you represent a majority mainstream Americans. You’re not even close to mainstream America.

You’re on the East Coast, you’re on the Left Coast — you maybe have a couple little cities in between — and that’s it. You know, Martha McSally, when Manu Raju the CNN reporter confronted her, this is exactly what they were doing. They were trying to run a preliminary Jeff Flake operation on Martha McSally. They’re trying to trap ’em — you know, trap ’em in an elevator, trap ’em in the hallway or whatever with a camera nearby to look at them and grab them scared and frightened or what have you.

Martha McSally did the right thing. She said to Manu Raju, “I’m not gonna talk to you. You’re a liberal hack, Manu!”

That’s the way to deal with this.

Do not doubt me.


RUSH: So liberal hack Manu Raju attempted… After bombing out with Martha McSally, he confronted Mitt Romney mere moments ago, and this is how it went…

ROMNEY: I think the Democrats make a mistake when they —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Hold it. Hold it. I forgot to ask the question. Put the question on there. Manu Raju, liberal hack, CNN, said (impression), Do you have any concerns, Senator Romney? “Do you have any concerns about the changes in the rules compared to the Clinton impeachment rules that Senator McConnell has made?” Clearly, you gotta be very upset about that. Are you concerned at all?

ROMNEY: I think the Democrats make a mistake when they call outrage time and time again. If everything is an outrage, then nothing is an outrage. If they bring up witness amendments, for instance, I’m gonna say no. I’ve already indicated I am interested to hear from John Bolton, perhaps among others. But I’m not gonna be making that vote today. I’m gonna make that vote after the opening.

RUSH: Ahhh. So Romney, as of now, has held firm. This business on Bolton? (sigh) I don’t know. We’ll explain all that as the program unfolds today. This is what they’re trying to do. Now, this has not yet approached the Jeff Flake treatment. They had a bunch of deranged feminazi banshees wearing vagina hats to try to scare these guys. But it’s gonna come to that at some point. Romney says, “If everything is an outrage, then nothing is an outrage,” which is pretty much true. Look, Romney knows Trump’s not gonna lose in an election. It doesn’t make any sense.


RUSH: Oh no, the actual trial is not gonna get underway today. They’re gonna debate the rules that McConnell has proposed, and the Democrats are going batty over that. I’ll explain this in due course. But I wanted to present to you the contrast. This impeachment business, folks, is totally manufactured, made up. It is not linked to anything true. There’s not an impeachable offense that’s been committed. There was no Russian collusion. There was nothing that these people said.

You know, they’re talking about “unfairness” ’cause they can’t call witnesses. These people denied the Republicans the opportunity to call witnesses during Schiff’s basement hearings back in the fall. I mean, this is just… It’s a typical, classic Democrat partisan maneuver, and they’ve simply corrupted the entire impeachment process here as they’re doing. But this is not where America is. America may be interested, may be fascinated, but Trump is where America is.

Trump is about what America is and making that even better.


RUSH: On to impeachment now. The Senate is in session and McConnell just announced the basic premise behind his rules, and Chuck You Schumer is now complaining and whining and moaning about how there’s a cover-up and the president doesn’t want the truth to come out and there gotta be witnesses and so forth.

This is a theme that the Democrats have come up with, that this is a cover-up. Not letting them call additional witnesses is a cover-up. This is exactly what they were hoping to achieve with the whistleblower. When the whistleblower first touted this phone call that the president had with the president of Ukraine, Zelensky, they did not think that the transcript of the phone call would be released.

They were gonna demand it, they think Trump would never do it to protect presidential privilege and so forth. And they were then lining up to say he’s covering up because that was the magic word for Nixon, cover-up, cover-up, obstruction.

Well, Trump released the transcript. That alone should end this trial. The transcript, the whole subject, what happened on the call is widely known. There is no cover-up. There’s no attempt to hide anything here. But the Democrats are simply using the term cover up to explain why they’re not being allowed to change the rules.

The Senate does not conduct investigations in impeachment. They simply do the trial. Impeachment’s the province of the House. They do the evidence gathering, and after that then they produce their articles of impeachment. Well, these two articles are zip, zero, nada. There’s not an impeachable offense in them.

The Democrats want this trial turned into a circus so that it never ends, and they want the illusion that there’s new evidence to be found out there to be introduced here. And McConnell is telling ‘em to pound sand, that’s not what we do here. So Chuck You is complaining and whining about a cover-up. That’s basically what’s happening here, but I’m gonna give you more detail about it.

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