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RUSH: Over the weekend, CNBC reported that Democrat presidential candidates are supposedly “trouncing” Trump in fundraising. They say no incumbent president this century has been out-raised this badly by the whole field of challengers in the year before a reelection.

Now, CNBC’s takeaway is that Democrats are more energized than Republicans and they’re really happy about it.

It’s BS.

First of all, they’re adding up all 20-odd (What as it, 23?)  Democrat candidates raising cash. Even hardcore liberals know most of these big-money candidates won’t see the inside of the White House unless they get a visitor’s pass.

But CNBC buried the lede. They admit President Trump out-raised every challenger individually. The leading Democrat, Crazy Bernie, raised $35 million last quarter. President Trump dwarfed that./ He pulled in $46 million. CNBC doesn’t even mention Joe Bite Me, who’s nowhere close, raising only $23 million.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale calls the CNBC story “100% fake news.” If you learn how to read a FEC Report, Parscale explains the Trump campaign jointly with the Republican party raised $463 million last year. If the CNBC story was true, “how do we have $200 million-plus in the bank?”

So the bottom line is this: No matter how the Drive-By Media spins it, President Trump is in amazing shape and Democrats are lagging far behind. That’s all you need to know about this.

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