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RUSH: The Democrats now have 24 hours to make their case, two 12-hour days, ’cause the first day, the rules debate was yesterday. Twenty-four hours. Have you ever heard of any criminal trial with an opening argument, an opening statement of a week or four days. Twenty-four hours.

And here’s the rub. They don’t have a case. They don’t have a crime. They don’t have an impeachable offense. And yet they’re going to take 24 hours to present what they are going to try to convince people are crimes and impeachable offenses. I don’t know how people are gonna put up with it. I don’t know how people are gonna watch 24 hours of this.

I really think the Republicans have only one sensible move here. Don’t engage them point by point ’cause they don’t have a case. The rejoinder to all of this must be you don’t have a case, you don’t have an offense, you don’t have an impeachable offense, you don’t have a crime, which is why you’re demanding witnesses ’cause you’re desperately hoping somebody could be forced to say something.

You shut down your own investigation, Democrats, after telling everybody you’ve made the cases. It was irrefutable. You could close it down and move it over to the articles of impeachment, take it over on to the Senate because you had made the case. Now you get to the Senate, and guess what? They’re whining and moaning that they’re not gonna get a fair trial.

Now, sadly, I don’t think I’m like most people. I have no tolerance for whining and complaining ’cause I don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say. But that’s all these people are doing. And I think a lot of people don’t mind other people whining and moaning because it gives them an excuse to join in the whining and moaning.

What I have found when you start telling other people your problems, 80% don’t care and 20% are glad that you have them. But it’s never persuasive. After a while whining and moaning and complaining turns people off. But that’s all they’ve got. Here. Grab sound bite number 21. This is Pencil Neck. The Democrats held a press conference outside on Capitol Hill outside the Senate chamber. And here’s Adam Schiff.

SCHIFF: The House should have the opportunity to prove its case. And if we prove our case, the Senate should convict and remove the president from office. But the Senate should allow us a fair trial. Let the American people hear what John Bolton has to say. Let the people here what Mick Mulvaney has to say or Secretary Pompeo or any of the other witnesses with relevant information.

RUSH: Right. Why didn’t you call ’em? Why didn’t you call ’em. Well, because you didn’t need ’em. You said your case was made. You were ready to take your two pathetic articles of impeachment over to the Senate, make the case ’cause you had made it, slam dunk. Let the people hear what John Bolton has to say? What we need is for Schiff to be on the stand.

Adam Schiff is the witness that needs to be called, and we need to find out from Adam Schiff, when did you first meet the whistleblower and when did you two people plan this? Why didn’t you call the whistleblower? Why did you drop the whistleblower as the primary impetus for all of this? Why didn’t the whistleblower continue to be the primary evidence maker and engine of your case?

We know the answers to all of this. I just wonder, 24 hours of these people making a case, they have no choice here but than to keep lying, to keep making things up, to keep trashing the president. They claim Trump is serial at it and it’s part of his being. These people are out of control on all of this. And now this bleating and pleading for fairness, the Senate should allow us a fair trial?

Like I said, before the break at the top of the hour you was watching — I don’t know what it was — the cable news, six of one, a half dozen of the other, and I think Congressman Lee Zeldin was the guest. And the question came, “Do you think, because we’ve got polling data, the American people want a fair trial.” Well, of course. If you ask them, “Do you want an unfair trial or fair trial,” what do you think the answer is gonna be? Do you want a fair trial? The American people say they want a fair trial.

“Should the Republicans agree to call witnesses so that, uh, they’re seen to be conducting a fair trial?” The impetus always falls upon the Republicans. The presumption is the Republicans are gaming the system. The presumption is the Republicans are cheating, the Republicans are denying these poor Democrats. Is it up to the Republicans to allow witnesses so they can be seen. Isn’t it always? Is it up to the Republicans to let this happen or let that happen so that people can see that Republicans are not racist, sexist, bigots, homophobes?

It’s not the way to deal with it. The way to deal with this, the Democrats have shown up in this chamber from the House as bullies. You’ve got Schiff and you’ve got Nadler and you’ve got the rest of them. They are showing up as bullies, and that’s how they need to be treated and reacted to. They whine and moan about a fair trial. The Senate should allow us a fair trial. When you wouldn’t even call these witnesses yourself.

What do you think Bolton’s gonna say? What do you think Mulvaney is gonna say? Let me explain this Mulvaney business. You may remember this. Mulvaney is the chief of staff. He had a press conference in, I don’t know, a few months ago, but in relation to all this. And Mulvaney is a dyed-in-the-wool literalist and realist. And he doesn’t suffer fools well.

So the press, “What do you think? Did the president, did the president withhold aid?” And Mulvaney: This is the way it works. It’s not just us. Hey, wake up. This is how you conduct foreign policy. You’re always trying to use leverage. Every president in history has attempted to bend foreign countries to our will. We are trying to make allies, and we’re trying to make allies act in our best interests. We’ve got several ways of doing that. Wake up. This is how it happens.

Press doesn’t get that. All the press heard was Mulvaney, “Of course Trump did it. Of course he did it, and we’re happy he did it.” They think Mulvaney just indicted Trump with his answer, when all Mulvaney did was tell the truth about how American foreign policy is conducted by a president who is trying to make America great again, put America first, have allies who we are paying end up actually helping us and supporting us.

There’s nothing unusual whatsoever about Trump’s relationship with Ukraine. He’s not the first president to use the leverage of foreign aid to get what we want out of a foreign country. But this is all being portrayed as though Ukraine is some little island somewhere of helpless waifs and without us they might not even exist and President Trump is so mean that he was withholding money from them until Ukraine put Joe Biden in jail for it. And that’s what they want people to think this was about, and it isn’t.

So they want to get Mulvaney up there, and they want him to repeat what he said because they think Mulvaney indicts Trump. But all Mulvaney is doing is trying to tell these brick heads in the media how this stuff actually works in the real world and how it happens.

So 24 hours to make their case, 24 hours. With not a single bit of relevant evidence, not a single impeachable offense. Lord, can you imagine the tripe people are gonna hear? And for how long are they gonna put up with it? And the Republicans, of course, they get their chance to respond to this, they make their case as well. And I just think the Republicans ought to continue as the primary driver of their presentation that the Democrats have nothing, there is no evidence, there isn’t any impeachable offense.

The reason they want additional witnesses is because they don’t have — every witness they brought up before their committee, before Schiff’s committee, was asked point-blank, “Did you ever see the president commit an impeachable offense?” Not one of them was able to raise their hands.

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