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RUSH: Yesterday I made a point that the Democrats and the media are gonna try to find enough Republicans and turn ’em into Jeff Flakes. In fact, let’s start the audio sound bites. To review this, grab audio sound bite number 1. We’ll do 1, 2, and 3. We got some examples of the media trying to do this, and then the piece de resistance is the acknowledgment that they failed. So, here is how I characterized this yesterday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The Drive-By Media is all ecstatic because they think McConnell has already caved by giving an additional day to present cases, two days was the original, 12 hours a day, 24 hours total. He’s now moved it to three. Many liberal journalists, “See? He’s beginning to cave. He knows that he’s about to lose four Republicans.” … The media wants you to think McConnell is caving and that four Republican recalcitrants are maybe gonna win the day and Schumer may end up running the trial. Don’t fall for any of that. It’s the usual attempt to dispirit you, depress you, and all of that.

RUSH: Now, this next bite, this is exactly, exactly as I predicted as yesterday’s show ended. The Drive-Bys tried to portray a minor rule change made by McConnell as a crack. You know, McConnell gave them an additional day, three days instead of – he gave them 24 hours over two days. So, it’d be two 12-hour days to present their case. McConnell, “Okay. Okay. We’ll give you three days.” They try to portray that as a major, major crack.

LESTER HOLT: Do you read that as — as potential cracks?

RYAN GOODMAN: We’ve seen cracks emerge that we wouldn’t have anticipated just 24 hours ago.

MAGGIE HABERMAN: I agree that there are some cracks here.

ERIN BURNETT: You see those cracks?

KASIE HUNT: … crack the door open…

CHUCK TODD: That’s a crack! That’s a crack!

ANDREA MITCHELL: Mitch McConnell may not have a control over this.

ANDREW MCCABE: Republicans pushed back on McConnell’s resolution. That is the first small, but first crack in the Republican wall that the Democrats have seen since this entire thing began.

RUSH: You know who that last voice is? Andrew McCabe, fired from the FBI for lying. He ran the coup along with Brennan and whoever else from the U.K., MI5. Andrew McCabe is on CNN engaging in partisan political analysis. “Republicans pushed back on McConnell’s resolution. This the first small crack, the first crack in the Republican wall.” This is the guy at the FBI that ran the show. It’s obvious.

How’s the guy even on TV? He’s on TV because CNN and the media are all-in as left-wing Democrat activists. So there’s Andrew McCabe all excited, all happy that he thinks the Republicans caved. The Drive-Bys were hyperventilating over the potential that there’s a bunch of Jeff Flakes out there. Here’s a montage from yesterday and last night.

DAVID MUIR: The senators that we have been watching very closely in recent weeks, the moderates, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, all taking copious notes.

RUSH: Stop the tape! Taking copious notes. “Oh, my God. Folks, they’re taking copious notes. They’re about to cave. They’re writing things down. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. We may have found some Flakes here. They’re taking notes.” They were so excited. Resume tape.

CHIP REID: …some of them are busily taking notes.

PETER ALEXANDER: …many of them taking extensive notes.

DANA BASH: Cory Gardner who is probably up for the toughest re-election bid this year taking copious notes, same with Susan Collins and others.

LISA DESJARDINS: Some senators are taking copious notes. Those are some of the swing senators, including Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine.

RUSH: Can you spell “desperation”? So they’re out there, they’re taking copious notes. Every Drive-By comment, copious notes. Not writing down notes. Not making notes. Not feverishly composing. Copious. And this was to signal another sign that there was a break in the unity on the Republican side because four Republicans were taking notes. Can you spell desperation? So how did it all end? Well, this morning Chuck You Schumer held a press conference on Capitol Hill.

SCHUMER: On four separate votes every Senate Republican voted against requesting relevant documents for the trial.

RUSH: Wait. What?

SCHUMER: On three other votes, every Senate Republican voted –

RUSH: What?

SCHUMER: — against calling relevant witnesses before the Senate.

RUSH: What?

SCHUMER: McConnell was forced to tweak his organizing resolution before it was even offered with modifications scrawled in the margins after several Senate Republicans agreed with Democratic objections. The fact McConnell had to change his resolution showed that Republicans can make this trial more fair if they want to.

RUSH: See, there we go. It’s unfair to begin with because the Republicans were involved. It’s up to the Republicans to give Democrats what they want. That’s how you define fairness. But after all of the hoping and the heavy breathing and the panting by the Drive-By Media that there was a crack, that the Republicans had found four Jeff Flakes, they were taking copious notes. When it all ended up, Schumer announced on four separate votes every Senate Republican voted against what the Democrats wanted.

There wasn’t a crack, was there? They didn’t find any Flakes. But what about the copious notes? What about all of the fairness? So Schumer’s reduced to saying here that McConnell adding a day to the presentation of the evidence shows that Republicans can be fair if they want to.

You know what the truth of this is? I mean on the ground. The truth of this is that people that tried to watch more than an hour of this were being challenged by severe boredom. People that were inclined to watch this are sufficiently informed to have heard all of this before.

And I’ll tell you, rather than the media and the Democrats finding four Jeff Flakes, the truth of the matter is that Romney and the other three, they’re beginning to sense the Democrats are blowing it. I think some of these Republicans are open to it. I think they’re open to hoping the Democrats got something here. But I think after yesterday, Romney and these other three are sensing the Democrats are blowing it.

How can you not sense they’re blowing it? Nadler and Schiff alone.

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