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RUSH: I think what’s happening here in this impeachment trial is them making the case for 20 — ’cause, you know, if you look at their side, look at their presidential campaign, it’s a disaster. It’s an absolute disaster. There isn’t any unity on the Democrat side. It’s obvious who hates who over there. Hillary Clinton’s got her nose out of joint so bad still over having lost that she’s trying to sabotage everybody else on the Democrat side, including Crazy Bernie. She’s walked back some criticism of Crazy Bernie because she been under incredible pressure to do so.

But now you got Doomberg. Doomberg’s in there dropping millions of dollars on ads. And he’s moving up in the Democrat polls. But he doesn’t have a prayer. Now, look, I say this, knock on Formica, doesn’t have a prayer. Any standard, ordinary conventional wisdom can always be upset; there are always exceptions. But in the current media and TV age, Doomberg doesn’t have a prayer. But his objective may be something else. Maybe he does want to win.

Now, one thing that he has promised or assured is that he’s going to spend a billion dollars. And he’s gonna infuse the Democrat campaign with a billion dollars. I don’t care how much Trump raises, they’re not gonna have that much. And if Bloomberg does that, even if it’s not for him, if he does that that means whoever wins the Democrat nomination is not gonna have to waste a lot of time fundraising if Bloomberg’s gonna underwrite the whole thing, however that happens.

But right now the Democrat primary is an absolute — let me go through what’s happening on that side. Let me set the table for play-by-play of the Democrat Party — ’cause that’s what I do. I do play-by-play of the news here. Tulsi Gabbard has sued Hillary Clinton for defamation, for calling her a Russian agent. You didn’t know that? See, that just happened, we just heard about that this morning. And don’t laugh about it. Don’t forget. Nick Sandmann won his defamation suit — well, a big settlement, and now he’s moving on to others. This can be won.

Hillary’s out there calling her a Russian agent, so she sued Hillary. Hillary says no one likes Crazy Bernie. Now, she’s walked that back. I’ll get to that detail in a moment. But it was out there all day yesterday and all night last night, that nobody likes Bernie, that he’s crazy. The truth is nobody likes her. The truth of the matter on the Democrat side, nobody likes her.

Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren, has accused Crazy Bernie of being a lying sexist. This is about Bernie supposedly saying that no woman would ever be elected president. Now, Bernie’s denied saying it. (imitating Bernie) “That’s silly. I couldn’t possibly. I mean, Hillary Clinton got the nomination. Why would I possibly say this?” But Elizabeth Warren is still treating Bernie as though he did say it and is offering evidence to refute his point.

And Crazy Bernie says that Biden is lying about supporting Social Security. Obama has said that Biden doesn’t have it. The Obama people hate Crazy Bernie. And they’re gonna do whatever they can to undermine Crazy Bernie. Biden has bragged about getting a prosecutor in Ukraine fired while the Democrats accuse Trump of abuse of power. Biden has actually done what they’re trying to impeach Trump for or convict him for.

Mini Mike Doomberg is buying his way into the Democrat race. If he could buy six inches of height, I mean, without a foot school. What? I’m sorry if it sounds mean, but if there’s a picture of Doomberg next to a child, you can’t tell the difference unless you get close up on the face and see the age difference. I’m sorry. It’s just the way it is.

Mayor Pete’s getting all kinds of accolades. He’s getting the most conservative support in some liberal Democrat county in New Hampshire. That’s good for the Democrats? Being at the top of the list of support from conservatives? Mayor Pete and Amy trying to remain relevant in all of this.

But the one thing they have in common, every one of these people — Tulsi Gabbard, Hillary, Crazy Bernie, Fauxcahontas, Biden, Obama, Hunter Biden, Mini Mike, Mayor Pete, Amy Klobuchar, what do they all have in common? None of them can defeat Trump. That’s the one thing they have in common. And that’s why they want him removed from office.


RUSH: Tom in Detroit, you’re next. I’m glad you waited, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah, it was a very painful wait today simply because there is just way too much Adam Schiff on today’s show.

RUSH: Oh, isn’t it? It’s driving people crazy.

CALLER: (groans) I write fiction professionally, and to listen to that guy just hurts my logic centers in my brain. So luckily, I get to talk about something else other than Schiff. But another mental midget is AOC. Did you follow what she’s saying about billionaires being takers and not makers, and do you think anybody on the left is gonna, you know, chastise her for this lunacy?

RUSH: Well, what specifically about the rich is she saying? ‘Cause, you know, Crazy Bernie has a bunch of people Project Veritas has uncovered with things they’re saying. They want the rich to be sent to forced labor, to have to pound rocks for 12 hours so they find out what it’s like to be a working person. They want Republicans sent to reeducation camps. These are people who literally work for Bernie Sanders. Now, what specifically has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that you’re reacting to here?

CALLER: “No one who has a billion dollars made a billion dollars.” They took a billion dollars. They didn’t make it, they take it. If the guy can go one person right off the top of my head. J. K. Rowling — who was a single mom on the dole — wrote a book in a coffeeshop and single-handedly generated a billion dollars of revenue, created a billion dollars that didn’t exist before, and you’re saying, what, she’s stealing from a bunch of little kids who read her Harry Potter novels?

RUSH: Well, but she couldn’t have done that with a bunch of environmental people chopping down trees that we all need to keep from dying of climate change. She couldn’t have done it without the wood. She couldn’t have done it without the trees. This is what… But I get your point. Is anybody gonna chastise her? I’ll tell you what. The thing to look out for… I say, “The thing to look out for,” and that’s not the right.

This woman is dead serious about that stuff, and she’s dead serious that the Democrat Party and these candidates, other than Bernie, they’re not left wing. These are mainstream, conservative, centrist Democrats is the way she looks at ’em, and she’s talking about a third-party. She’s talking about actually making a third party if Bernie doesn’t win this. She’s talking of taking his loss and his voters and actually trying to form a third-party — a real left-wing party because she doesn’t think the Democrat Party is.

CALLER: She has a degree in economics, which scares the heck out of me.


CALLER: What were they teaching to her?

RUSH: (laughing) Yeah. She got that degree from Boston University. Not Boston U. It may be Boston College. I’m not sure which. But that? Yeah, I’ve made the point. What the hell are we teaching people if that woman can have a degree in economics? (sigh) You know what? My whole life, the rich have had very few people coming to their defense, Tom. In fact, I was watching way back when, Bill Clinton’s first term, and part of Clinton’s campaign in ’92 that he followed through with, he was going to try make it look like he was attacking CEO salaries.

So he made a move that any salary any CEO was paid above $1 million could not be deducted by the corporation or company as a business expense. Well, this is what created stock options as a new way of paying executives, and I was watching as this whole thing was being debated. Andy Grove was the CEO at Intel at the time, and he was on This Week with David Brinkley, and they asked him about this. “How do you feel, Mr. Grove, about the attack on the amount of money you make and other fellow CEOs?”

He said, “David, I’m not gonna get into, uhh, discussions here about these, uhh, social arguments about amount of money, um, I or anybody else make.” He wasn’t gonna attack it. There’s not a rich person in the world out there that will attack any attempt to take money away from ’em. In fact, it’s the opposite. A lot of these rich people come out and say they’re all in favor of tax increases on them.

It is a way to keep the barbarians away from their gates. But nobody speaks in defense of the rich. It’s not true to say “nobody,” but very few people do. So when she comes out and attacks the rich, there isn’t gonna be anybody defending ’em. Strictly in terms of numbers, there aren’t enough of them to have anything be gained by defending them.

The only reason to defend the rich person is if he’s gonna give you some money for doing it, and that isn’t gonna happen. So why would you defend a rich guy? Unless you know economics, unless you know how money is earned via hard work and enterprise and innovation, this kind of thing. But it’s a long way of saying, “No, I don’t think anybody’s gonna have anything to say to her about it. It’s not gonna be something that she’ll have to deal with.”

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