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Guest Host Todd Herman

Jan 23, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

New York Post: How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections
BizPacReview: Rush says GOP had better put Schiff ‘front and center’ in impeachment trial, needs to be ‘fully exposed’
AP: Democrats face risks and limits in Trump’s impeachment trial
AP: Schiff takes conciliatory tone after Roberts’ admonishment
Reuters: Trump impeachment: What happens next?
Politico: Republicans livid over Nadler’s ‘cover-up’ accusation
AP: Migrant caravan crosses into Mexico, walks along highway
The Hill: Virginia Senate votes in favor of ‘red flag’ bill
Washington Post: Democrats scale back language as Trump and GOP press ahead with attacks on Senate impeachment trial
AP: 24 hours in, senators flout quaint impeachment rules
The Hill: Tensions between McConnell and Schumer run high as trial gains momentum
AP: Celebrities back California bill to cut single-use plastics
AP: Judge deals blow to woman charged for being topless at home
Politico: Chuck Schumer embraces an old friend: The media
Washington Post: Mitch McConnell has failed the Republican Party
Politico: Trump sets new Twitter record for presidency
Politico: Chuck Schumer embraces an old friend: The media
BizPacReview: CNN analyst concocts convo between ‘worried’ GOP Sens, then admits he made the whole thing up
The Hill: Sanders tops 2020 Democratic field in New Hampshire: poll
BizPacReview: March for Life praises Trump for becoming first president in history to attend rally, massive attendance expected
Politico: Judge: No keeping Trump out of Avenatti trial
LA Times: Waterboarding of detainees was so gruesome that even CIA officials wept
LA Times: California will be hit hard as Trump administration weakens clean water protections
Washington Post: Battle over Social Security spills into 2020 campaign as Democrats spar and Trump weighs in
FOX61: Starbucks plans to cut carbon emissions, water use in half by 2030
FOXBusiness: Tulsi Gabbard suing Hillary Clinton for $50M in damages, alleging defamation
RedState: New Dem Demand for Impeachment Trial Actually Helps the Case of Adam Schiff Being Called as Witness
CNN: More impeachment trial scenes the Senate TV cameras won’t show
RealClearInvestigations: Whistleblower Was Overheard in ’17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump

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