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RUSH: Okay. Before we start, I’m gonna tell you that I know what you want from me today. I know exactly. But this is why I’m who I am. I have empathy. I am able to meet and surpass all audience expectations every day. I know what you want from me. You want me to be able to make you able to rest assured that this Bolton thing is no big deal. Right? That’s what you want — and guess what? I’m gonna do my best to do that, ’cause I think I can — that and a whole bunch of other stuff, just rolled into one.

In fact, this virus from the ChiComs? I am seriously wondering, with all of this that’s happening out there, this impeachment, is this government doing enough? Is it focused enough to actually protect the country? The stock market, last I looked before the program began, every stock is down for the most part. It’s the market overall. The DJI was down 300 points. I don’t see where we’ve put any ban on Chinese passengers being permitted into the country.

This is a serious thing that could be brewing out there. It’s just a question, but I’m asking.

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