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Jan 28, 2020


Daily Wire: Pam Bondi Nukes Democrats’ Case, Highlights Alleged Biden Ukraine Corruption
FOXNews: Alan Dershowitz Argues Importance of the Constitution in Pursuit of Impeachment
RealClearPolitics: Trump Lawyer Pam Bondi Argues Biden Ukraine Corruption Concerns Are Legitimate: “Nepotistic At Best, Nefarious At Worst”
Breitbart: CNN Segment Ridicules Trump Supporters as Illiterate ‘Rubes’
Politico: Lobbyist Bought Tropical Land from Biden’s Brother
CNN: GOP Strategist Roasts Pompeo’s Response to NPR Incident
FOXNews: Trump Senate Trial — Democrat Impeachment Managers Voted AGAINST Military Aid to Ukraine – Deroy Murdock
FOXNews: Ambassador Bolton, Withdraw Your Book – Fred Fleitz
Breitbart: Pompeo Loses His Temper with Journalist Over Ukraine Questions
New York Post: Hillary Clinton Admits She Feels an ‘Urge’ to Run Against Trump Again
Breitbart: Romney, Collins: John Bolton Book Leaks ‘Strengthen the Case’ for Impeachment Testimony
FOXNews: Alan Dershowitz Argues Importance of the Constitution in Pursuit of Impeachment
Daily Caller: Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler Goes Off On Romney For Being Open To Witnesses, Says He ‘Wants To Appease The Left’
Mediaite: CNN’s Toobin: Pam Bondi Effective in Showing How ‘Sleazy’ Hunter Biden at Burisma Was, But Other Claims a ‘Pack of Lies’
Washington Examiner: Hunter Biden Spotted in Beverly Hills Driving $129K Porsche
PageSix: Hunter Biden Agrees to Pay Child Support to Ex-Stripper Baby Mama
FOXNews: Massive Crowds Form for Trump’s New Jersey Rally Amid Impeachment Fight
GatewayPundit: “You Cannot Impeach a President on an Un-sourced Allegation” – Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow Takes on Bolton Rumors Head On
Washington Examiner: Jay Sekulow Cites FISA ‘Attack’ in Jab at Adam Schiff and Other Impeachment Managers
Washington Examiner: MSNBC Anchor Apologizes After Appearing to Use N-Word Describing Death of Kobe Bryant


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