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RUSH: I still think this will be over this week ’cause of the Hawkeye Cauci. But I could be wrong about that because Crazy Bernie is surging in Iowa.

And Crazy Bernie may not want anybody to be able to get out of there and go campaign in Iowa. There’s also talk that this Yin, Yang guy, the guy who thinks we need to move people to higher ground now because of climate change, that he knows he’s toast and he’s thinking about throwing his Yangers, his supporters with Crazy Bernie.

Now, the Democrat Party is panicking over the Crazy Bernie surge. Supposedly. Supposedly the powers that be in the Democrat National Committee — supposedly the people that run the party — do not want Crazy Bernie getting the nomination. They’re gonna do anything they can to stop him. Plugs is coming…

Did you hear what Plugs said? Well, Plugs said, “Yeah, I’d love to have Michelle Obama as my vice-presidential running mate.” Ha! Ha! Michelle Obama’s not gonna be anybody’s second fiddle, Plugs. He’d love to have Michelle Obama as his vice-presidential running mate.

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