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RUSH: So, McConnell “doesn’t have the votes,” eh? He “doesn’t have the votes” to stop any witnesses, “doesn’t have the votes.” That was the big news that broke late yesterday afternoon; everybody ran with it. When what McConnell said was he didn’t have the votes…yet. Of course, Senator McConnell is very sly, very crafty, and I think it’s maybe a bit of misdirection. Time will tell. Of course, there continues to be this mad dash, quasi-panic about whether or not John Bolton should be called to testify.

You know, one of the ways of looking at this — and there are many — is, that no matter what happens here, at some point the president is going to be acquitted. There just aren’t going to be the votes to convict the president. That is not gonna happen. So anything that happens between now and then, you have to ask, “What’s the purpose?” I mean, does everybody…? Do all these senators want to prolong this for what could be months, when they have a full awareness of what the outcome is going to be?

Of course, the answer for the Democrats is dirty up the acquittal. That’s what I said yesterday. Make it seem uber-partisan. Make it seem unfair. Make it seem purely political and not based on the evidence. That’s what they are attempting to do — and, of course, this ought to be perceived by the president’s team. They ought to understand what’s going on here. But there is this… You know, even on our side, there are all these different competing theories and explanations and philosophies being explained as to why it’d be okay to let Bolton come in here.

“Go ahead, let Bolton come in and testify! You can limit the scope of his testimony. You depose him first.” One theory is you depose him. You let the Senate Judiciary Committee… Now, wait. The Senate… Hell, whichever Senate committee is involved in this. Let them depose him for four hours, and then the theory is stipulate. The president’s team stipulates as to what he’s gonna say. In other words, stipulate that what Bolton said to the president’s true, and by stipulating it, you eliminate the need for Bolton to testify.

You limit the scope of Bolton’s testimony to stipulating the point. This happens in court constantly. So you let Bolton’s deposition to take place, allow four hours for it, then you stipulate to it and then there’s no need to call him because you’ve agreed. The Democrats will raise holy hell because that’s not what they want Bolton in there for. They want they want Bolton to start asking… They want to be able to ask him all kinds of open-ended questions about Trump’s personality and Trump’s habits and things that he saw.

This, of course, is one of the primary reasons to keep him out of there, as far as I’m concerned. As I said yesterday toward the end of the program, it’s frustrating because you’ve got so many people here caught up in the process of this and wanting to be involved in it — in either direct or ancillary ways — because it’s historic. It’s gonna be in all the history books for the rest of time, and a lot of people want to have their names attached to it, either agreeing or disagreeing with the procedures that were taken with the legal teams and how they did it.

So it provides an opportunity for fame. It provides an opportunity for being noticed. It provides an opportunity for job offers down the road from other, like, law firms or legal concerns and so forth. There’s a lot of people with a lot of interest in this that couldn’t care less what the outcome is. Now, as for me, this is no more complicated today than it was when it began. It’s bogus. It needs to be shut down and ended as quickly as possible.

In fact, we’ve got the most incredible sound bite here. I gotta find it (it was earlier) from Da Nang Dick. Yeah, Da Nang Dick. Grab audio sound bite number 5. This is Richard Blumenthal. He is that senator from Connecticut who lied about the fact that he served with honor and valor in Vietnam when he was never there. Of course, the guy gets elected to the Senate from Connecticut.

And that never does fall back on him. But the guy lied through his teeth about something as crucial as military service — heroic, valorous military service. It was all made up, and yet there he is as a credible Democrat in the U.S. Senate because people in Connecticut elected him. So yesterday on Capitol Hill, he was speaking to reporters about the impeachment trial and said this…

BLUMENTHAL: What you just saw was a fact-free summation of a case bereft of evidence. We need the evidence. We need the witnesses and documents.

RUSH: The guy just admitted that everything they’ve seen heretofore presented by the House managers had no evidence in it. He just admitted it! “What you just saw was a fact-free summation of a case bereft of evidence.” So what the hell is it doing there, then? (summarized) It’s “a fact-free summation of a case bereft of evidence. We need the evidence. We need the witnesses; we need the documents.” Maybe there aren’t any. Maybe there aren’t any witnesses. Maybe that aren’t any documents.

If the House of Representatives and their managers didn’t find any, if they just presented “a case bereft of evidence,” why go on? See, this is what frustrates people like you and me about Washington. This is a slam dunk. The guy’s admitted there’s no evidence yet that’s been presented in however long this thing has gone on. So you and I, filled with common sense, ask, “Why is it happening? Why doesn’t some adult stand up and shut it down? What possible…?”

Can you imagine any trial where the prosecution finishes and one of the prosecution lawyers stands up — well, a supportive member of the jury stands up — and says, “You know? So far, we haven’t heard any evidence. The defense needs to put on some evidence here. The defense needs to go out and find some evidence for us.” This is absolutely insane, and then I balance that. That’s exactly as I think it’s happened. They don’t have any evidence, the House managers. Zilch, zero, nada.

There hasn’t been an impeachment offense Trump committed that anybody can identify. There wasn’t any collusion between Trump and Russia. The Kavanaugh stuff was a bunch of lies and made up. There isn’t anything in the past three years in terms of any allegation or charge that Democrats in the media have made that have any facts. There’s nothing to them. There is not a shred, and so that’s why we need to continue? This is as bogus as a… You remember this? There was something that was given birth during the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill fiasco.

Anita Hill comes forward and makes her charge that Clarence Thomas abused her, put a pubic hair on a Coke can or some such thing. There was no evidence. He said/she said. There was never any evidence, and what was the Democrat response? The Democrat response was, “Well, the nature of the evidence is not what’s important here. It’s the seriousness of the charge.” Well, what does the charge matter if there isn’t any evidence?

Tom Foley was speaker of the House for the Democrats back in 1990 when some idiot professor at Columbia published a book claiming that George H. W. Bush flew to Paris in an SR-71 (the Blackbird spy plane) to meet with the Iranians to arrange the deal that they would keep the hostages until Reagan was elected and then let ’em go. There was no evidence. Never any evidence. Bush wasn’t there! Foley said, “The seriousness of the charge mandates that we conduct an investigation.”

So here’s Da Nang Dick admitting that he’s just watched a summation that is fact free. He has watched the House managers essentially do “a fact-free summation of a case bereft of evidence. We need the evidence.” (paraphrased) “Therefore, we need the defense to stipulate to calling more witnesses, because we on the prosecution side haven’t found anything.” I wonder why more people on our side are not reacting as I am or as you probably are to this revelation. But we all know why.

“It’s a historical process taking place, Mr. Limbaugh, and it’s very, very important that we batten down all the hatches and cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s and make sure that at the end of this, there’s no doubt the president is innocent and there’s no doubt this was bogus. Call as many witnesses as they want.” Democrats don’t run the Senate, and why they think… They don’t have the majority. Why they get to run this place is another gigantic, frustrating thing. Somebody tell me where I’m wrong. Maybe I’m not seeing this. Maybe I’m not understanding what Da Nang Dick is saying.

Play Da Nang Dick again. Audio sound bite number 5. Three, two… Maybe I’m misunderstanding this.

BLUMENTHAL: What you just saw was a fact-free summation of a case bereft of evidence. We need the evidence. We need the witnesses and documents.

RUSH: Yeah, I heard it right. The prosecution has not come up with the evidence ’cause there isn’t any. The prosecution hasn’t come up with any documents because there aren’t any. And precisely because Schiff and his shiftless crew have failed, somehow it’s up to the president’s lawyers to say, “Okay. You want more witnesses? Call witness! You want more documents? Here’s some more documents!” Let’s go back one sound bite previous. Chuck You Schumer this morning on Capitol Hill still begging for four turncoat Republicans.

SCHUMER: I remain hopeful that four Republican senators will join us in supporting witnesses and documents in this trial. It’s an uphill fight, as I’ve always said. But the public is on our side, and truth, above all, is on our side.

RUSH: The public is not on your side! You know, I saw there’s a poll: 75% of the American people want witnesses. You know how bogus that is? There is not an American citizen who thinks a trial doesn’t need witnesses. This is such… It’s a setup question. You go out to John Q. Public. “There’s a trial going on in the United States Senate. Do you think there should be witnesses in the trial?” “Hell, yes, there ought to be witnesses in every trial.” So “75% say witnesses against Trump is what this poll result means!”

It’s not what it means at all. The American public’s not in favor of this. Have you seen the Trump rally last? Did you see any part of the Trump rally? Did you see 100,000 people outside the event last night in 30-degree weather in New Jersey? Joe Biden cannot fill a Starbucks. Joe Biden can’t fill a coffee shop. It is astounding. Even though they knew they could not get in, they waited outside. They wanted to be seen.

They wanted the cameras to catch ’em so that their show of support could be documented. Meanwhile, in the Senate trial of Donald Trump, half of the spectator seats were empty. During this massively, so historically important event, half the seats were empty when the House managers — the Democrats — presented their case. I’ll tell you, folks, the contrast here of swamp Washington, and the rest of the world — even New Jersey — is jarring.


RUSH: So you know what the impeachment fight’s really all about? The Democrats do not want voters meddling in the 2020 election. They don’t. They do not want you having anything to say about the election. They think the election will be rigged if you vote. Only if they prevent voting — well, if they take Trump off the ballot. That’s the only way the election can be fair, ’cause otherwise you will meddle. You will meddle in the election. You’ll reelect Trump, and that cannot be permitted.

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