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RUSH: Here is Mike in Reading, Pennsylvania. Hello, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Super mega dittos from the formally blue state of Pennsylvania. How are you?

RUSH: I’m good, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I wanted to just touch base with these Trump rallies. Back December 10th, I had the privilege of attending the rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania — an incredible rally, energetic. It was awesome. I didn’t get to do the Wildwood, New Jersey, one last night as much as I wanted to. But I watched a lot of it on TV, you know, and on the iPhone and so forth. The energy that I am seeing coming out of New Jersey actually has me excited. I was listening to the news report this morning that said 26% of the people that attended that rally last night in Wildwood, New Jersey, were Democrats. Now, I don’t know if that number is true, if that’s accurate. But if it is, that’s incredible, and just as Pennsylvania was once blue and went red —

RUSH: Well, let me give you the numbers out of New Jersey. These numbers, by the way, come from Brad Parscale, who is the Trump campaign manager. At every rally they go in and thoroughly focus group… Well, they don’t focus group. They find out who’s there and ask them various questions, and here’s what Parscale released last night: There were 158,632 requested tickets, 92,841 sign-ups. Meaning some people asked for two tickets. There were 92,000, almost 93,000 people wanted to go to this thing. Well, no, 160,000 wanted to go and 92,000 signed up. Of the people that showed up, 73,482 voters were identified.

Meaning 73,000 people there were registered to vote. Of that 73,000, 10.4% did not vote 2016, 26.3% of the 158,000 who requested tickets — a little over one-fourth of the requested tickets — were Democrats. So if you put this… That is amazing data: 10.4% didn’t vote. The fact that they show up at the rally indicates they’re energized, they’re gonna vote — and a quarter of them were Democrats in New Jersey. Now, it’s a good thing you didn’t make it because you would have probably been part of the 100,000 people lined up outside who didn’t get in. Trump addressed them. You think he maybe could flip New Jersey and make it red.

Here’s what Trump said about that last night…

THE PRESIDENT: You have to get out and vote Republican. Get rid of these clowns!

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: And you have to get out and vote for really a brave man. What he did was incredible. Jeff Van Drew.

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: What he did was incredible. Get out and vote. He’s gonna have a big victory. He’s gonna have a big victory. You know, they all say Republicans can’t win. Tell me why. They said, “Should you move this to the Meadowlands?” I said, “No. I want to be in South Jersey. We want to be with our friends.”

CROWD: (roaring cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: But we could have filled up the Meadowlands Arena two or three times. Maybe we’ll do it during the summer. Should we do it during the summer?

CROWD: (roaring cheers)

RUSH: Yeah, you do it during the summer when you don’t have to freeze to death for three days standing outside hoping to get in. So 158,000 requested tickets, 73,000 voters — half of them were voters. By the way, the others that weren’t voters, it’s not stated here, but they make a move on ’em. They identify ’em. You may ask, “When do they find the time to do this?” Folks, these people are standing there for three days. It is a momentous project nevertheless, but there’s ample time to do it. The Trump people flood the zone talking to the people that are inside and outside.

So you have 73,418 people there identified as voters. Others weren’t. I’ll guarantee you a voter registration drive of some type was put into motion last night. But the fact that over a quarter of these 158,000 people that wanted in were Democrats, and 73,000 voters? In fact, it’s a better… Of the people who were voters that showed up, well over 30% of them were Democrats. “Well, that’s no big deal, Rush. I mean, New Jersey’s a Democrat state.” (chuckles) How many Democrats that hate Trump do you know who are gonna show up and stand outside in the cold just ’cause he comes to town? So I appreciate the call.

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