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RUSH: CNN is, I think, now a full-fledged joke. They have been for a while. It’s not that they do things that make people realize this. They’ve gotten to the point now where they do things that confirm that they have become a total joke. They are a parody, a satire of network news. There is a tweet here: “Coronavirus task force another example of Trump administration’s lack of diversity.” They have a picture…

I’m not kidding. They have a picture of the Trump coronavirus task force meeting to deal with whatever this is, and the only thing CNN notices is how many white people are in it. I’m not kidding you. I didn’t take a screenshot for the Dittocam. I wasn’t thinking, but it doesn’t matter. (sigh) Let’s see, there are one, two, three… It’s the president and three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine people here, and they’re all white.

So, CNN — just anything, anything to condemn the Trump administration — says, “Lack of diversity.” No African-Americans, no minorities in the task force dealing with the coronavirus. So, what? It’s illegitimate? So, what, it doesn’t matter? So, what? It’s not something that’s serious? We can’t take it seriously; Trump is such a racist pig? It’s just… This is the kind of stuff that is divisive and helps divide a country, not Trump, and not Republicans, not conservatives.

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