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RUSH: Mitt Romney… Do you want to hear a rumor? Some Democrats are thinking about drafting Mitt Romney as their presidential nominee — and, of course, Romney would sign up yesterday for it. Romney would do it yesterday. So, we will just have to see how it all shakes out. “A new high: 90% of Americans are satisfied with their personal life.” Ninety percent. This is Gallup.

We haven’t had a result like this in I don’t know how many years, decades, and it’s amazing. When you have your pick of a job, your wages are going up, energy costs are low, taxes are less, you feel safe, we’re not at war, nine in 10 Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in their personal life. That is a new high in 40 years, four decades. That figure beats the previous high of 88% recorded in 2003.

Now, if you were a Democrat and you’re looking at Gallup, you can’t just wave Gallup away. “Ah, that’s Gallup, it’s biased, you can’t…” How do they explain this? They don’t. They ignore it. But, man, the things are trending away from them so rapidly. Now, I’ve always said, things can change in politics overnight. But you take a look at this last 3-1/2, four years.

The targeted destruction of Donald Trump, not only beat it back, to be triumphing over all of it the way he is. I like that it’s driving them insane. I really do.

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