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RUSH: We’ll start with Elliott in Wilmette, Illinois. Thanks, Elliott, for holding on. And welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush. My very, very best wishes for you. I’m very pleased to speak with you. My question has to do with the State of the Union show. From the party we were in, we could see from your surprise, we could hear you saying to yourself, “Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together.” My question is about Nancy Pelosi and did you notice from where you were her pre-tearing of the speech before she did so at the end?

RUSH: Yeah, but I didn’t know what it was. I saw her pre-tearing it, and I had no idea that it was because —

CALLER: Was that before she started or along during it? And the second, what —

RUSH: No. It was —

CALLER: — will that do to the Democrats?

RUSH: No, it was before because clearly she didn’t have the strength to rip it from scratch, so —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — she had to get each page started in advance so that when she went to rip it up.

CALLER: That was before he started?

RUSH: Well, I don’t — no, I think it was after he started.


RUSH: Although I have to say, I only know that based on what I’ve seen since. I didn’t actually see her doing that, the initial rip during the State of the Union speech. Now, what it all means for the Democrats, I don’t think this is complicated, and I wish I had some unique, brand-new, you’ve-never-heard-it-before answer. But you want to know what the impact of this is gonna be on the Democrats? It is going to be devastating.

I’m watching the media today. I’ve watched the media the past couple of days. They’re trying to glaze over this debacle in Iowa. Even media that you think is friendly to us, they’re doing everything they can to salvage this because they need viable opponents for ratings. They need to be able to report that the Democrats have a chance, that the Democrats are gaining ground on Trump.

But, folks, the mistake that they have made from the beginning, they continue to make it. They are incapable of fixing this. For whatever unreasonable, make-no-sense reasons, they hate Donald Trump. And they think everybody else does too. There’s no other reason to do this. But, look. Everything they have tried has failed. Everything has blown up on them.

They are the epitome of Wile E. Coyote. They are a laughingstock. They are a joke out there across the fruited plain. They’re not a laughingstock or joke in the media because the media’s invested in ’em, wants ’em to look good, wants ’em to win.

But I’m telling you, ripping up the State of the Union speech that’s chronicling and reporting on the greatness of the State of the Union, the improvements and the changes for the good for everybody that has happened, there’s no sizable constituency out there that hates Trump so much that they’re gonna applaud that. The Democrat Party makes the mistake of assuming that Twitter is national public opinion.

They make the mistake of assuming that Twitter represents a majority of their support. Twitter represents maybe 20% of the thinking of this country. And they’ll never figure this out. Because the media lies to them, and the media pumps them up. And they literally sit there — Pelosi literally thinks that this country hates Trump more and more every day. Why else do this? Why pull a stunt like this? If she thinks that it’s going to harm the Democrats, there’s no reason to do it.

She obviously thinks this is gonna help ’em. And I think it’s a great illustration of how totally out of touch they are and have been for four years. And I’ll tell you something, I don’t think they have ever been close the past three, four years, however you want to tabulate, they’ve not been close to meeting their objectives on Donald Trump. They have not been close to getting rid of him. They’ve not been close to succeeding in impeachment. They’ve not been close on this Russia business.

They have been embarrassingly off, out of touch. They have looked mean-spirited and ridiculous to a vast majority of normal Americans to whom their behavior doesn’t make any sense. And the Democrats have no way of knowing that and seeing that. This was a big debacle. This Iowa mess is right along the line with it.

As I said, I’m watching the media, “The Democrats have given the candidates additional time here to work out the –” Come on. This is an embarrassment. What was the result of impeachment? It killed Joe Biden. Impeachment killed Joe Biden. That’s what impeachment did. Impeachment took out Joe Biden. Joe Biden finishes fourth. Biden is finished. Biden was never gonna win this thing.

I’m telling you. How many times did I tell you in June or May 2019? ABC does that story reporting on Biden and his kid, Hunter. I told you they’re trying to take him out. Biden’s not gonna be the nominee, and they don’t want it to be Crazy Bernie. How about the Des Moines Register poll the right before the Hawkeye Cauci? They don’t release it, claiming some kind of snafu. The snafu was they didn’t like the result.

These people, I think, are the ones that manipulate vote counts, not Trump. These are the people that partnered with Russia — well, Hillary Clinton did, with all of that — and no matter what they try, it blows up in their face. But go back. The last week, the last two weeks, the last month, what have you heard in the Drive-By Media? “Joe Biden is leading by a landslide, slam dunk. Joe Biden’s leading in Iowa! Joe Biden wins in Iowa. He’s gonna clear the decks in New Hampshire.”

Joe Biden comes in fourth place in Iowa. Meanwhile, Trump’s got his headline: “Acquitted! Trump Acquitted.” How stupid are they? They knew this was going to be the result. They knew Trump was going to be acquitted, and yet they went ahead with this anyway. Why? Because they think everybody hates Trump. The big mistake they make is they think they represent a majority of thinking in this country.

They think that wacko liberalism/socialism/communism is the majority thinking in this country. It’s not even close. But they think they’ve gotta hold their base together. So I think that’s what Pelosi ripping up the speech was, plus total frustration. Trump was acquitted. He made her look like a political novice when she supposedly is the dean of Washington politicians. Anyway, I appreciate the call.

This is Elizabeth in Columbus, Ohio. You’re next. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. It’s good to hear you on the radio.

RUSH: Thank you, ma’am.

CALLER: My question for you is I wonder what lessons you think the Republican leadership are learning from watching the Democratic implosion. How do you think —

RUSH: Well, if you look, the Republican Party’s pretty unified behind Trump.

CALLER: Well, I think they’ve had the benefit of not being in the spotlight. But, you know, the rise of Trump was really because I think on both sides, Republican and Democrat, there are a large portion of people that feel very frustrated with not being heard and, you know, I think that’s what led to Trump winning the Republican nomination. You know, he wasn’t their guy, and Republican base put him in there almost as a referendum I think in some ways against the Republican leadership.

RUSH: No question about it.

CALLER: Well, so what have they learned from that and from watching the Democrats try to deal with the same, you know, divisions in their party? And how are they gonna take that once Trump is out of office?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know for sure what they’ve learned, but I’ll tell you what they should have learned. They should have learned… If they look at Trump’s approval rating, if they look at the economy, he has the highest approval rating ever. Trump’s approval rating as president, after all of this? Elizabeth, after all this impeachment, after all of the Mueller investigation (which was a perjury trap), after the Russia stuff, Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time high.

I think one of the lessons that I see being learned by a whole lot of Republicans is they don’t have to be afraid of the media anymore. If Donald Trump is demonstrating one thing, it’s you don’t have to be afraid of what the media says about you. You can win if you simply connect with a majority of the American people. And Trump did, and he connected with a majority of the American people because, particularly Republicans, they’re fed up. They’ve been lied to campaign after campaign after campaign.

Candidates have promised to do X, Y, and Z year after year after year. They get elected; it doesn’t happen. Take the issue. It doesn’t matter, trade or health care, you name it. Trump comes along, and he is not one of those people. He is, by definition, an outsider who is already well-known, has established an identity with people in his other businesses, and he has the unique ability to speak publicly and be believed.

People take him seriously. They believe he means what he says, that he’s going to do what he’s gonna do, and he does it. And they’ve learned it. And it just, to me, illustrates how many people in this country for so long have been frustrated with the deep state or just the way Washington works. And the way Washington works is it’s all about them and their families and their kids. It’s really not about you — except every election, they make it look like it is.

There are some exceptions here, but most of Washington… Look at the ambassadorial corps that testified against Trump. By the way, did you see Trump might be getting rid of Vindman? Right on, dude! Lieutenant Colonel Vindman — O say can you…? Get rid of him! Get rid of all these saboteurs! Trump’s approval rating will go up to 60% if he does this. Will we find out…? (interruption) We know… (interruption)

Oh, we know who the whistleblower is. He has been outed publicly the moment I mentioned his name. But look, it’s nothing about Trump. Trump doesn’t go back. He’ll slam ’em as they fail, but he’s gonna keep movin’ forward. He leaves them in the dust. All they can do is cry over spilt milk and bellyache and whine and moan. Trump is outmaneuvering them.

He’s out-dancing them. He is zooming and speeding by these people on his agenda, on his approach with the media and so forth. They still don’t know… It’s amazing to me that they still haven’t figured out and don’t seem to care who he really is and how to stop him, which is fine and dandy with me. They continue to just do dumb, ignorant things as they attempt to stay true or whatever to their ideology.


RUSH: We go back to the phones. Sean in Memphis. I’m glad you waited, sir. And hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Maha Rushie.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: It’s such an honor to talk to you on probably the most important week in politics of my adult life. I’ve been listening since ’88. And you were talking about, you know, the unique abilities of Donald Trump. And one of the greatest ones I find is that he has the ability to tweak the left so acutely that, I mean, just giving you the Medal of Freedom — not that you don’t deserve it, I a hundred percent believe that — but I know that it tweaked the left so strongly. It probably had everything to do with the tearing of the paper. I mean, it was just amazing.

RUSH: Oh, I’m sure it did. Pelosi’s even said that she thought Trump was going to mention John Lewis when he mentioned my name.


RUSH: Then she starts ripping — in fact, let’s listen to Pelosi. I’ve had people ask me, “Does it bother you what they’re –” No, folks, that’s the point. That’s the whole point of Donald Trump. It shouldn’t bother anybody what they say. It’s predictable. It’s baseless. It’s all the things they claim that they’re not. These are the people that engage in insensitivity and racism and bigotry and all this stuff while claiming they’re the paragons of virtue and attacking everybody on the conservative side as all the isms and so forth. I’ve always thought that it was a testament to my effectiveness. It was always a sign of how I get under their skin. If I didn’t, they wouldn’t even mention it. Here is Pelosi. This is yesterday morning as she held her weekly press conference.

PELOSI: We will not allow any president to use that Capitol, that chamber of the House of Representatives, of the people’s House as a backdrop for him. Now, all presidents have guests, constant guests. That was not a State of the Union. That was a state — his state of mind. Let me say how I can give a Medal of Honor (sic) — do it in your own office. We don’t come in your office and do congressional business. Why are you doing that here?

Quite frankly, when he started talking about someone with stage 4 cancer, all of that, I thought he was — I don’t know which stage John Lewis’ cancer is at, but when you start talking about someone’s cancer, we thought he was gonna talk about John Lewis, a hero in our country. Come on.

RUSH: You see. Trump had no business doing that in her House. We’re not gonna allow any president to use that Capitol, that chamber, people’s House as a backdrop for him. That’s why she ripped up the State of the Union speech. I’m telling you, she has literally no empathy. She has no idea how that was seen — and if she does, if she does, then it was one of the biggest political errors, unforced errors that anybody has ever made.

You don’t like it? Be quiet about it. Move on. Don’t call additional attention to it. But there she is because they think they’ve got — folks, another bit of evidence here. For how long have we been told — a number of years, right? — the Democrat base, the Democrat Party, they hate Donald Trump. They can’t wait for Election Day. They can’t wait to get rid of Donald Trump. It’s the only thing that matters.

So here comes the Hawkeye Cauci. The turnout was, eh. It was embarrassingly light. Nobody even knows what the count was. They’ve got Silicon Valley brains behind their operation and they can’t even tabulate the vote. My theory is they can, and it was so bad they didn’t want anybody to know. They don’t want anybody to know who really won that because whoever probably won it has no prayer of beating Trump.

And I’ll betcha the turnout was tiny. Trump’s not even opposed. And there were far more Republicans that — Trump beat the Obama turnout. You know, Obama was unopposed in 2012. So you get to the Hawkeye Cauci, and a lot of people showed up for Obama to make a statement, “We love the guy. He’s our guy.” More people showed up for Trump than showed up for Obama. Meanwhile, the Democrats are barely over half the turnout that showed up for Trump. So where is all the supposed energy?

You have no idea, you have no idea how often, how frequently, and how largely you have been lied to or misrepresented by mainstream media. And the Democrats don’t, either. They’re falling for all this hook, line, and sinker, as I said, believing everybody thinks about Trump the way they do. And it all boils down — let’s run through the list.

Pete Buttigieg, Mayor Pete. Have you seen Mayor Pete? He’s a programmed, focus grouped candidate that has rehearsed his hand positions for emphasis. He has focus grouped the words. He’s focus grouped the timing, meaning there isn’t anything real. Crazy Bernie has got ’em all scared to death because they think that Crazy Bernie, if he wins, is gonna destroy the Democrat Party.

I got news for you. The Democrat Party’s on the way to total implosion anyway because there isn’t any difference in Crazy Bernie and Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton or any of the other front runners. They all want government in charge of everything. They all want to destroy the economy that has been created in the free market. They want to replace it with massive tax increases. The Democrats are fooling themselves if they believe there’s a smidgen bit of difference in whoever they nominate. “Well, Mayor Pete is a centrist and –” there aren’t any centrists anymore.

You know something, folks? I gotta tell you something else. And those of you who’ve been listening to me for many, many moons know this. This idea that you have 40% left and 40% right and 20% undecided and the 20% undecided are the brilliant ones, they are the smart ones, they’re the ones that haven’t made up their minds, they’re the ones who aren’t partisan, they are the ones who study it issue by issue by issue. And they are the ones who care most about the future of the country. And so every election is a battle for all of that 20 percent.

That’s so bogus. There isn’t any centrism out there in America anymore. We’re so partisan and divided, there isn’t any middle ground. Not to speak of. I mean, some people might think they’re centrist, but they’re not. Most of the people who have been moderates or centrists, are simply liberal Democrats who didn’t want to say so. And they are dwarfed by the number of conservatives in this country. Not in California and New York, but throughout the whole country they are outnumbered by people who will self-identify as conservative versus those who self-identify as liberal.

But the liberals all live in coagulated areas. Parts of New York, parts of California. They don’t get out. They don’t know anybody else, any other way of thinking, and there’s nothing centrist about any of them. I think this is another one of the biggest scams that professional politicians — and if you want to throw media in, too — have been running on the American people, this idea that there’s this great unwashed in the middle, and they’re the ones we gotta pay attention to.

They’re the ones we gotta watch because they’re the ones that are not partisan. They make up their minds issue by issue. They’re not racist. They’re not sexist. They’re not bigoted or any of this other stuff. I have never, for the longest time… It may have been the case some years ago, but I don’t think it’s been the case for a long time, and I think most of those people that used to be classified as centrist, the great unwashed, have moved to our side. Most of them support Trump and don’t admit it.

But when the time comes for them to demonstrate it and show it, there they are and there they will be. They show up at rallies. They show up at the ballot box. Does anybody really think the Democrats have anything that can compare to the Trump rally, to the energy that is at one of those things, to the commitment, to the personal bond that people have with the candidate?

Do you think anybody on the left really has a personal bond with Mayor Pete? I mean, a sizable number. Does anybody have a personal bond with Joe Biden? Crazy Bernie might be the closest that has any kind of a personal bond, but the Democrats are trying to sabotage him again because they think he’s gonna destroy the party. What they don’t know is that it’s already in dire straits, no matter if they nominate Crazy Bernie or not.


RUSH: I want to talk a little bit more about the Democrats’ situation in Iowa. There are just some things I want to close the loop on. I’ve been dancing all around this all day long. I think it is so much more meaningful than anybody knows. I think this debacle is a harbinger of disasters to come — and you know what it’s all rooted in, ladies and gentlemen? The Democrats really cannot do elections anymore because they can’t stand the way people vote.

You know, I have said that the day’s gonna come where some of these Democrats — and look, Schiff’s already done it; I’ve already made reference to it — say we gotta cancel the vote. “We can’t trust the ballot box,” Schiff said. They can’t trust the ballot box to do what we Democrats want, meaning, “We can’t trust the American people to elect us.” They just can’t stand that people vote in ways they don’t like.

So, look, Hillary loses, and they’ve tried to tear the country apart for three years. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. I just don’t think this is a one-off and an isolated thing. I think it is symbolic of a trend, and I have never thought these people represent the majority of thinking in this country. I’ve never thought it. The media creates the impression that they do, but I’ve never thought so.

In fact, there was a story… I had this. I didn’t get into much detail with it at the time. It was two or three weeks ago, and it was a story about all of these liberal elites in places like Silicon Valley, California, and Hollywood. All these liberal elites, white liberal elites live their lives the same way you do. They raise their kids the same way you do. They just don’t want anybody to know it.

They are not exposing their kids to crime. They’re not supposing their kids to sanctuary cities, and they’re not exposing their kids to drugs on purpose. They’re trying to shield them. They’re trying to raise their kids the same way you are, but they don’t dare let Democrat voters know it because it would be — if they found out — the epitome of hypocrisy. Well, it is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Look at the scandal. All of these white, liberal Hollywood people are gaming the system to get their kids into elite universities. Why does that matter? That’s something rich Republicans do! Well, of course it matters because it’s how you grease the skids for your kids’ future. They don’t want anybody to know it. When it is learned that this is what some of these people are doing, look at the hell that descends on them.

I maintain to you that there are a lot of people… The media’s the same way. The media living in Washington, their kids go to the finest schools. Their kids do this and that. They trying to keep their kids… They’re not exposing kids to all of the crap they’re telling you that you have to to be understanding and fair, but they just won’t admit it. So here we are in Iowa.

They can’t do elections ’cause they can’t stand that people vote in ways they don’t like. Hillary loses. They’ve tried to tear the country apart for three years. Now Bernie is peaking as the winner. They have to jigger the votes against him. They can’t stand that voters won’t do what they want. Rather than try to get themselves aligns with voters, do what voters want — try to win that way — it’s the exact opposite.

The Biden campaign, if it ever was anything, is falling apart. I’ll tell you something else: I don’t think Biden ever has been the real leader. Cut me a break. Are we really gonna tell people…? Joe Biden hasn’t ever gotten anywhere in a Democrat presidential primary in his life. Why, all of a sudden, is Joe Biden leading this primary? I don’t believe he ever has.

I think they’re doing everything they can to tamp down Crazy Bernie. So the Plugs campaign is falling apart. Women of color are fleeing Pocahontas in droves. Mayor Pete supposedly surging? Pfft! Really? And then over here, “Michael Bloombito.” The guy is all of five four. He doesn’t stand a prayer because I don’t care how much money he spends… Hillary’s being coy about running.


Wednesday on CNBC Brian Sullivan subbed for — I don’t know who — and was talking to Frank Luntz, a focus group guy. Question: “In your travels, have you found people to be any more accepting than a couple of years ago, or are we just entrenching even more and nobody’s ever gonna change their mind about –” This guy is asking whether or not people are gonna see the State of the Union and move to Trump.

This question is actually kind of odd. “In your travels, have you found people to be any more accepting than a couple years –” of what? — “or are we just entrenching even” — accepting of what? Nobody’s ever gonna change their mind about anything. That’s exactly right. There is no great unwashed. There is no great centrists. There is no great undecided. There aren’t any great this or that. This is something the left has always counted on to put them over the top. Here’s what Luntz had to say.

LUNTZ: Our group actually thought that Donald Trump was not inappropriate. They did not think that he was overly partisan. They thought it was a campaign speech for 2020, which, obviously, it was. But I’m afraid that the people who report the news are actually missing what the voters themselves are saying. We had two undecided voters. They moved towards Trump after the speech was done.

RUSH: Exactly right because they weren’t undecided. They’re just telling Luntz they are. How can you possibly be undecided in the atmosphere in America today? But, but, but, I’ll go with what Luntz says. If he wants to say that they were undecided and moved to Trump, fine and dandy. Now, Tuesday night, CNN, this is the actual night of the State of the Union, after the speech, Van Jones, the Obama green jobs czar, weighed in.

JONES: Warning the Democrats. What he was saying to African Americans can be effective. We got to wake up, folks. There’s a whole bubble thing that goes on when we say, “Well, he said s-hole nations, therefore all black people are going to hate him forever.” That ain’t necessarily so. What you’re going to see him do is say, “You may not like my rhetoric, but look at my results, look at my record to the black people.” And if he narrowcasts that, it’s going to be effective. That was a warning to us, a warning shot across the bow of Democrats that he’s going after enough black votes to cause us problems.

RUSH: Yeah, exactly. But, you know, Van, if I may, I’m really trying to be helpful here. You guys are so off the beaten path, if you think Trump, when he talks about s-hole countries in Africa, if you think that that somehow is gonna harm him — Do you realize that there are a whole lot of people in this country who are fed up with sending money to a bunch of s-hole countries or countries that are not allies or countries that don’t do anything for it. And they may be communist countries, they may be socialist countries.

And so Trump comes along and calls ’em what they are, and you think that’s gonna hurt Trump? They think they are the paragons of virtue. They never say offensive things. They never say things that are gonna bother people, upset people. They are the paragons of virtue. It’s just the exact opposite. They are accepting. They are supportive of these kinds of outfits that have no interest in the United States’ best interests.

And Donald Trump does. And, by the way, he owns it. There isn’t anybody in American politics who can claim that they have American interests at the forefront anywhere near as much as Trump does, especially liberal Democrats. Now, here’s Nia-Malika Henderson who’s a commentator on CNN. She weighed in after Van Jones.

HENDERSON: Then you look at some of the things they are doing on the ground in some of these communities. I mean, he talked about Opportunity Zones and I’ve been talking to some of the Republicans who do — black Republicans who do work in the administration and they’re doing some real work and reach out to some of these African American communities.

RUSH: Right. I think these people see what is in front of them. They just don’t ever believe that Trump can pull it off because they think that they have successfully maligned and impugned all Republicans forever, that we’re all racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes and so forth.

But you look at the black and Hispanic unemployment rate, you look at the approval numbers Trump has, these people are being blindsided. They’re being blindsided because they refuse to see the absolute truth.


RUSH: Sage in Boise, Idaho, 14 years old. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you for taking the call, Mr. Limbaugh. Thanks for all the great work you do for this country and congratulations on your award.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. I know it’s a lot. It really is.

CALLER: My question was who do you really think has a chance from the Dems to get nominated? Who’s gonna get nominated? Because they don’t really have anybody. I’ve heard Biden, but he came in fourth in the caucus.

RUSH: It isn’t gonna be Biden, let’s just get this out of the way. It’s not gonna be Biden. It was never going to be Biden. If impeachment took anybody out, it’s Biden. The impeachment made public the story of Plugs and his kid in Ukraine, the media doesn’t think anybody’s smart enough to pick up on it.

They think they’ve discredited Trump enough and Colonel Vindman and all these people, the whistleblower, but believe me, people fully — this guy — Biden has run for president how many times? He’s a plagiarist, for crying out loud. Ever heard of Neil Kinnock? Biden has never survived a first round in a presidential primary and he’s not going to now that he’s 104 years old.

Look, I’m trying to be nice here, folks. Look, it’s easy to be dismissive here, but Plugs — does Fauxcahontas have a chance? I don’t know. It’s like asking if Mayor Pete has a chance. I know I made Mayor Pete. I’m the reason Mayor Pete’s out there. I had Bret Baier in town. This is, what, 2020, so it would have been I guess two years ago, Bret Baier’s in town for a member-guest golf tournament, and he won. There’s a CNN town hall on Saturday night. He says, “We gotta watch.”

I said, “It’s the last thing I want to do, watch these clowns?”

“I gotta watch it, Rush, I’m chief anchor at Fox News Channel. I gotta watch.”

I said, “Okay.” So we had Mayor Pete for one hour and then somebody else followed for the next, Tulsi Gabbard. And I thought, “You know, this Mayor Pete guy, he comes across as a little bit more real than some of these other people did.” So I came here the following Monday and I made the observation that Mayor Pete may be somebody you gotta keep your eye on.

And Snerdley’s been upset with me ever since it happened because Snerdley thinks I’m the reason Mayor Pete’s even on the radar. And it’s probably true. It’s probably true. But I don’t think – (interruption) No, I didn’t see that Tulsi Gabbard — I did not see that. I shouldn’t admit that. Tulsi Gabbard sent – (interruption) Well, you know, I’ve never ripped Tulsi, and I’ve defended her. Hillary and the Democrats calling her a Russian agent. I mean, how cockamamie.

She’s from Hawaii where there’s a resolution, the city counsel passed a resolution to arrest me if I’m seen in public in Honolulu for something I said five years ago. I forget what it is. So if that happened, I’d call Tulsi. I’d say, “Can you handle this for me?” She would I’m sure.

Who’s next? This is Joy in Erie, Colorado. Is that right? Welcome, Joy. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, you are so, so loved and I pray for you every day. Before I get weepy, I’m gonna get right to my question. With everything going on in Iowa, they clearly have an agenda. They will have an agenda in November. I’m worried about fraud and the clown show that may occur in the election then. What can we do, do we have precincts? Is the Trump team ready to handle this?

RUSH: I think the Trump team is so far ahead of the Democrats and their fraud that they don’t even have the slightest idea. I think Brad Parscale and the Trump reelect team are already running rings around — look, Joy, the evidence of the past four years — and it’s been the case that everybody thinks the Democrats never lose, that they’re smart, that their strategy is always a step ahead of us, oh my God, we’re waiting for the next scandal, in fact. Aren’t you? Are you waiting for some new scandal to drop that Schiff claims he’s just discovered?

CALLER: Yeah, every day. Every day I know it’s coming.

RUSH: But has any of it worked?

CALLER: No, but —


CALLER: I still worry about him. You know, I worry about him every day, and not that his support will wane or anything like that. I just worry what they’re up to because they’re dangerous, and people —

RUSH: They are indeed, they are completely dangerous, but they’re arrogant. They’re upset people don’t vote the way they want people to vote. I guess my point to you is is that none of them are gonna outmaneuver or outsmart Trump or his team. Believe me, everybody on Trump’s team is very much aware of how these people could run fraudulent voting operations.

I mean, look at what they did to him. They’re the ones that partnered with Russia. They’re the ones that put together the Steele dossier. He knows everything they’re capable of. But unlike other Republicans, Donald Trump knows how to smoke ’em. Trump knows how to defeat them.

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