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RUSH: Newsweek, a former magazine people used to read, just ran a big expose on ICE. Newsweek reveals that ICE used commercial airlines to fly illegal immigrants back to their homes.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Utilizing all their investigative powers as Drive-By journalists, Newsweek was able to obtain data from ICE. It turns out United, American, and Delta airlines were used to transport illegal aliens back to Central America.

United Airlines led the pack: 677 deportation flights making up almost half of these flights last year. American Airlines took second place: 345 “removal journeys.” Coming in third was Delta, with 266 flights.

Jess Morales Rocketto, a former Hillary campaign staffer who now heads “Families Belong Together” (it’s an illegal immigration advocacy group) says these air carriers ought to be ashamed of themselves, for profiting from Trump’s “cruelty” against families.

Of course, like most liberals, Ms. Rocketto has it 100% wrong. These companies ought to be proud. They’re helping the elected U.S. government enforce the laws of the land, and they’re making a profit at the same time! That is what capitalism is all about: Doing well by doing good! It’s a win-win.

But really, Delta? You’re the biggest commercial air carrier, and you’re only in third place with ICE flights? You guys gotta step it up this year! We’re keeping a sharp eye on this. You can do better.

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