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RUSH: Welcome to the Democrat presidential primary richie-rich-palooza. Over the weekend, millionaire socialist candidate Bernie Sanders tore into billionaire left-wing candidate Mini Mike Doomberg.

At a Democrat dinner in Las Vegas, Sanders blamed Mini Mike for implementing racist policies like Stop and Frisk when he was Mayor of New York City. Sanders also attacked Doomberg for opposing both minimum wage increases and higher taxes on the wealthy. Sanders didn’t mention that the wealthy are already fleeing New York in droves because of high taxes.

Crazy Bernie told his dinner crowd that despite all the money Doomberg is throwing at the race, he can’t create the kind of excitement and energy needed to drive Democrat voter turnout and beat Trump.

Well, maybe that’s true. But you’re omitting one thing, Bernie. Mini Mike is showing what money can buy. How do you think he’s getting endorsements from some of the biggest black activists and politicians in the Democrat Party despite his racist Stop and Frisk history? Doomberg certainly has more money than you, Bernie, to spend on the drag and drop operations that Democrats use to get voters to the polls.

But even with all of that, none of you Democrats are capable of creating the kind of excitement and energy needed to beat President Trump. You can take that to the bank. There’s not a one of you that could even compete with him on the debate stage.

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