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Guest Host Todd Herman

Feb 19, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

Daily Wire: Trump Grants Commutations To Several Women In Need In ‘Clemency Spree,’ Media Focuses On ‘Corruption’
National Review: Bill Barr Derangement Syndrome – Rich Lowry
FOXNews: Bernie Sanders slams Bloomberg at Las Vegas town hall, says billionaire trying ‘to buy this election’
Legal Insurrection: Tom Steyer: Trump’s Economy Is Not That Great, No Matter That Numerous Polls Say Otherwise
HotAir: Biden Accuses Sanders Of Not Being Enough Of A Gun Grabber
Legal Insurrection: Even Joe Biden Fundraisers Want Him to Drop Out Before SC Primary
The Blaze: Video: Biden snaps at reporter who confronts him on Obama locking immigrant kids in cages
Legal Insurrection: Sinking Warren: Green New Deal Not Enough, We Also Need a ‘Blue New Deal’
Business Insider: Border agents are being deployed to ‘sanctuary cities’ as the Trump administration escalates its immigration policies
Legal Insurrection: Politico: Trump expects to achieve goal of 450 miles of border wall by year end
PowerLine: And now, the Flynn review
American Thinker: Two-Tiered Justice System on Full Display
ABC: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe won’t be charged, Justice Department says
CNN: Group of federal judges calls emergency meeting over concerns about DOJ’s intervention in politically sensitive cases
New York Times: Mayor Doesn’t Always Live by His Health Rules
PowerLine: Bloomin’ Bloomberg or Blooomberg bloomin’?
NewsBusters: Bloomberg Is Now ‘Highest Spending Presidential Candidate of All Time’
Breitbart: Washington Post Op-ed: ‘Give the Elites a Bigger Say in Choosing the President’
Daily Caller: Emails: Burisma Consultant Linked To Hunter Biden Approached Top State Department Official To Arrange Ukraine Meeting
GatewayPundit: Former AG and Deep State Hack Sally Yates Lied to Congress About Flynn, Russia and Logan Act — Still Walks Free 3 Years Later
Daily Wire: Flip Flop: Sanders Breaks Promise, Won’t Release Full Medical Records
Breitbart: Warren: Everyone Here Illegally Must Be Able to Secure American Citizenship

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