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RUSH: Senior adviser to Barack Obama, Dan Pfeiffer, wrote a piece in Politico telling Democrats what to do in order to win in November. And that is, don’t be like Romney in 2012.

You see, Romney was the last major party nominee who ran against an incumbent president. Pfeiffer says that Romney’s biggest mistake was to make his campaign all about criticizing Obama. When Romney finally got around to telling voters what he had to offer, it was too late. So Pfeiffer says the Democrat nominee better not make the 2020 race all about criticizing Trump.

Pfeiffer says Democrats have to frame the economy with own narrative. He says Trump “managed not to screw up” the strong economy Obama gave him, but Trump has a big vulnerability. His economic policies like the tax cuts only benefited the rich. Yes, I know it’s completely delusional, but this is his advice.

Lastly, Pfeiffer warns Democrats they’d better get out of the Twitter bubble. He says Romney paid too much attention to Fox, and they better stop paying so much attention to what happens on Twitter.

He’s right about that. But none of it matters, folks, because the Democrats are going to make the campaign about Trump, no matter what. They can’t help themselves, they’re obsessed. They’re never giving up Twitter, either – they’re obsessed with that, too. Finally, they’re not going to win. No matter what. Take it to the bank. Count on me. Don’t doubt me.

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