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RUSH: Last Wednesday, California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom declared a “Day of Remembrance.” It marked the anniversary of Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt signing an Executive Order in 1942 that forced Japanese-Americans into internment camps.

Last Thursday, Democrats went even further in the California Assembly. They passed a resolution to formally apologize for the role the state played in sending 120,000 Japanese-Americans to those camps during World War II.

During floor speeches, a Japanese-born Democrat assemblyman said California “led the nation” in fanning the flames of racism leading up to the war. Another assemblyman apologized for the wrongs that were done by the California legislature at the time.

Well, that’s good. But since they’re finally apologizing for hurting people, California Democrats have got a lot more apologies to make.

They can start by apologizing to all the families and businesses they’ve run out of the state with their punitive high taxes, crushing regulations, and tolerance for crime and homelessness. They can apologize for the environmental wacko policies that have led to massive wildfires that displaced and injured so many.

They can apologize to every family whose loved ones have been hurt or killed because California Democrats allowed illegal immigration to flourish in their state under official protection.

That’s just for starters. But don’t hold your breath. Those apologies will never happen. In fact, I can’t believe they apologized for what a Democrat president did.

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