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RUSH: Let’s move on to the Democrat race here. Trump, by the way, has a daytime rally today in Las Vegas, the day before the Democrat caucus is there. And President Trump’s rally begins — when do you think the rally starts, Mr. Snerdley? 3 p.m. Exactly. Right when this program ends, the president will take the stage in Las Vegas. People have been lining up.

There’s a lot of talk about Bloomberg. He had a rotten debate. You might think so yourself. Mayor Pete says that Bloomberg ought to drop out. It’s humiliating, it was embarrassing, he just ought to get out, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Bloomberg ought to get out.

Now, Bloomberg may have had a bad debate, but he doesn’t have to worry about donors abandoning, does he? Look, Fauxcahontas has already gone back on a campaign promise. She said she would not take PAC money. Guess what she’s doing? She’s taking PAC money. You know why? ‘Cause she doesn’t have anybody donating to her, and she’s got one last gasp at this. But Bloomberg doesn’t have any donors to worry about, certainly don’t have worry about any donors abandoning him.

So why would he drop out? Why would Bloomberg drop out if he believes Crazy Bernie scares the hell out of establishment Democrats? And he does. Bloomberg knows that the establishment of the Democrat Party does not want Crazy Bernie. They didn’t want him in 2016. They don’t want him now. So if you’re Bloomberg, you know how much he spent in January alone, Mr. Snerdley? Two-hundred and fifty million, $250 million! And he doesn’t have any delegates yet.

The thing Bloomberg’s worried about, if Crazy Bernie has a good Super Tuesday, he could have an insurmountable delegate lead and all you can hope for is a brokered convention. But if you’re Bloomberg, why not stick around and see how things play out? Look, folks, if Bernie Sanders misses a single campaign event, people are gonna wonder, is he sick? Has something gone wrong? There’s any number of things that can happen, and none of them are predictable.

So if you’re Bloomberg and you have the willingness to spend every dollar you’ve got on this, and you don’t have to worry about donors abandoning you, and if you know that the Democrat establishment would much prefer you, why not hang around?

Now, if the other Democrats running for president figure out that they have to attack Bernie instead of Mini Mike, how will Sanders handle that? Sanders did not handle Bloomberg’s attacks well. Who knows, maybe the angry old communist routine gets old.

Grab sound bite number 22. 60 Minutes did an interview with Crazy Bernie, and here is an excerpt. They’ve posted this as a promo for the entire segment on Sunday night. Anderson Cooper said, “Were you surprised by how unprepared Bloomberg seemed for some very basic questions at the debate in Nevada?”

SANDERS: I was. And, you know– and if that’s what happened in a Democratic debate, you know, I– I think it’s quite likely that Trump will chew him up and spit him out. You know, we’ve never seen anything like this in American history. And I just think, though, that the American people will rebel against this type of oligarchic movement. We are a democracy, one person, one vote, not a guy worth $60 billion buying an election.

RUSH: Crazy Bernie, on your side of the Democrat Party, don’t be so sure. The Democrat Party is party of the rich, Bernie. This is one of the dirty little secrets that has been the result of an evolution in the Democrat — the billionaires, the true obscene wealth in America today is held by people who say they are Democrats. Oligarchs. Oligarchs, as far as Bernie is concerned. But he thinks that Trump will chew Bloomberg up and spit him out in a debate.

Now, there’s a Bloomberg memo out there warning that Crazy Bernie could be impossible to stop unless other candidates drop out. Axios reported an internal memo from the Bloomberg campaign that warns that unless the other moderates drop out of the race, Bernie’s gonna win it.

The memo was dated February 17th. It says: “As the race stands today, Sanders is poised to leave Super Tuesday with an over-400 delegate lead versus his next closest competitor [Bloomberg]–a likely insurmountable advantage.” And so Bloomberg is preparing to issue a demand to all the other candidates to drop out.

Here’s the Politico story: “Mike Bloomberg is privately lobbying Democratic Party officials and donors allied with his moderate opponents to flip their allegiance to him — and block Bernie Sanders — in the event of a brokered national convention. …

With Sanders’ emergence as the frontrunner in the presidential primary, Democrats in those states have recently raised the prospect that the democratic socialist could be a top-of-the-ticket liability.” Really? That’s not new.

So Bloomberg is making a move now for a brokered convention. He’s making a move on getting people to abandon Bernie. He is paying who knows how many people $2,500 to write positive things about him on social media as though they are spontaneous, which is proving that social media is not real, that it can be bought and that it can be corrupted and has been, which you and I have known for many moons.

Bloomberg’s campaign manager says it may be there’s not much campaign after Super Tuesday. This is again another story that is related the number of delegates Crazy Bernie’s gonna have after Super Tuesday. And Bloomberg’s own campaign manager concedes that Bloomberg tanked in the debate. He’s not sure that Bloomberg will beat Sanders on superior Tuesday. It may be there’s not much campaign in March. After Super Tuesday, it could be Crazy Bernie wraps it all up.

So this is why I don’t think Bloomberg drops out. He doesn’t have any adorns to lose. All he can do is just bide his time, try to buy all these social media comments that praise him to the hilt, and wine and dine the Democrat Party establishment and hope somehow that there is a brokered convention.

And right here we have it in The Politico: “Bloomberg Quietly Plotting Brokered Convention Strategy — The effort is designed as a potential backstop to block Bernie Sanders by poaching supporters from Joe Biden and other moderates.” Which makes me laugh, because there aren’t any moderates in the Democrat Party.

Now, some of you might say, “Well, what about Mayor Pete and Klobuchar?” Folks, they’re not moderates. The Democrat Party doesn’t have any moderates in it. One of the things I’ve done for the entirety of the time I’ve been hosting this program has been to attempt to educate people ideologically how to spot liberalism and to believe that liberalism is nothing we want any part of. It is a competing ideology, but it has nothing in common, and it’s becoming even more extreme. Liberalism has now become, as part of the Democrat Party, socialism and communism. There isn’t any overlap.

You know, this business about crossing the aisle, finding common ground? There isn’t any. When you have an economy as solid as this is with wages really increasing in real terms for the first time in a couple of generations (at least one generation), and you have a political party that wants no part of it, a political party that doesn’t even say they can do better, a political party that wants to tear it all down? What is the common ground with this?

What is the common ground with the people in that party? They don’t allow pro-lifers. They don’t allow them! They are now allowing abortion after birth. Where is the common ground? Now, my effort has been to get people to understand to spot liberalism — and the moment you spot it, to oppose it. I think that’s still one of the most direct routes to making liberalism a minority entity. It’s gonna be a long slog, and it may not be possible, because liberalism is so seductive. It’s a gutless choice.

It’s the easiest choice in the world to be liberal ’cause you don’t have to do anything but say you care about X and that’s it. You see a couple of starving people on the sidewalk, and all you have to do is say (mewling), “Oh, isn’t that horrible! I feel so bad,” and you’ve got a big heart. The minute you start trying to do something about it? Ah, that’s not what you’re supposed to do. That’s where conservatism comes in, and conservatism seeks to teach people how to escape their own plight, not teach people how to go on the lam and stay in the plight that they’re in, which is what the Democrats and what liberalism does.

So it’s easy to be a liberal. It’s very tough to be conservative, ’cause now you’re talking about actual solutions, rolling up sleeves, and actually trying to reverse life circumstances for as many people as you can, using their own talents and abilities that they don’t think they’ve got. Jack Kemp had a line (I loved it), “Liberals measure compassion by the number of people getting handouts. Conservatives measure compassion by the number of people who no longer need it.” So liberalism’s always gonna be seductive.

You have to care, and that’s all you have to do, even if you don’t — and it’s easy to fake caring — and really, the more odd or weird people are, care about them. “Oh, that makes a great…!”
My point is that there isn’t a significant number of moderates in the Democrat Party anymore. They wouldn’t be having the troubles they’re having, and their frontrunner would not be (chuckling) an avowed communist if there were moderates in the Democrat Party that overwhelmed and outnumbered everybody else.

So Bloomberg running around trying to find a way to get these “moderates” out of the way to coalesce behind him? There aren’t any! Klobuchar? Mayor Pete? Listen to them very carefully. There are not moderates there. They try to act as though they are with the way they speak or their mannerisms or the way they mask their policy statements — or, as Bill Gates would say, “poo-licy.” But there aren’t any moderates. So Bloomberg is quietly plotting a brokered convention strategy.

He is banking on the fact that the establishment of the Democrat Party is as opposed to Crazy Bernie today as it was four years ago, and the belief is that they are because they believe Crazy Bernie’s gonna get wiped out in a landslide like McGovern and like Dukakis. But like I said the other day: Notice that Crazy Bernie gets lumped in with what the Democrats and the media want you to think are outliers. “Yeah, Dukakis and McGovern.” They were not outliers! They were mainstream of the Democrat Party.

Dukakis was the governor Massachusetts.

McGovern was a senator from South Dakota.

They were not outliers.

They were not radical leftists.

They were the Democrat Party of the day, and it hasn’t changed any. Crazy Bernie is just a communist where those guys wouldn’t admit they were, but that’s what the Democrat Party is. So this idea that the establishment of the Democrat Party is worried about that Crazy Bernie’s gonna take ’em down the tubes? I think we’re being buffaloed with that. I think it’s a theory that sounds reasonable because it relies on people thinking that Crazy Bernie is an outlier, is an exception. He’s not! Crazy Bernie is the mainstream. He’s leading in donations.

In that debate? He’s the guy that got all the money after that debate.


RUSH: David, El Paso, Texas. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. It is a real honor to get to talk to you again. I’ve been listening to you since I was 13, and now I’ve got my baby girl listening to you. You really are Uncle Rush to me.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that very much.

CALLER: I pray for you every day. Thank you. So what I was thinking about lately was, I really think Biden and Buttigieg? Their campaigns are done. They have no chance at all. Buttigieg just experienced a fluke in Iowa. I think he did good there because he’s more well known to the local populace than the other candidates. But Biden? I think he’s been on a downward expire since impeachment began. At the early stages, he was rude and abrasive to people, thinking that maybe that’s what endeared Trump to everybody. But he was rude to the wrong people.

RUSH: Did you hear what he said the other day? He said the other day (summarized), “Look, in my second term, if I’m losing my mind — God forbid if I lose my mind — you know, I’ll get out of there! I’ll have somebody that knows what they’re doing step in for me.” I said, “If you’re losing your mind?”

CALLER: (laughing) That sounds about right.

RUSH: The guy… Look, Crazy Bernie is 78. Biden’s gonna be 78 this year. I think you’re… We all know about Biden. Biden has got to win South Carolina, and that means he’s got to win the African-American vote. If he doesn’t, it’s over. Play taps.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

RUSH: Buttigieg, I agree. Buttigieg’s time is not this year. He may have a future down the road on it. But, yeah. I don’t think these guys can overcome Crazy Bernie with their delegates.

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