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RUSH: Joshua, Texas, next. This is Tom. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. It’s an honor to talk to you, and you’re in my prayers. I just wanted to say, earlier in the show you commented that most of Bernie’s followers were people with student loans and college grads and so forth. So I wonder, why shouldn’t President Trump develop a plan that would help and assist people with paying those loans back in an easier fashion. Not free, of course, but just help them —

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: — and announce that so he could win some of those followers?

RUSH: Here’s the thing. Bernie is out talking about forgiving the loans. He’s making people think that he’s just gonna wipe it out, that once Bernie gets elected and he’s in office for a few days, that student loan debt is gonna end. It’s gonna vanish and you’re no longer gonna get a bill or your loan payment is no longer gonna be deducted. So anything against that in terms of competition is gonna lose. How do you compete with free?

But I understand your thinking. I think — and this may be why I would never get elected to anything. But I’d do an information crusade on this whole student loan versus college education thing, and I would explain to people why it’s people like Bernie Sanders and the Washington establishment who have raised the cost of a college education to the point that the purpose of a college education’s been wiped out now by the debt that you incur getting it.

It’s supposed to put you ahead, it’s supposed to put you in a better position to earn a higher salary. And, even if you do, that higher salary that goes to retiring your debt kind of cancels out the whole purpose. I’d go on a whole education process about this. And maybe, if there’s a way to help with student loan payments, eliminating it, I don’t know. The federal government runs a program now, so Trump could do something. I’ll think about this, ’cause it’s not a bad idea, but still, how do you compete with free?

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