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RUSH: There is a verdict in the Harvey Weinstein — or a series of verdicts. Now, Harvey showed up today at court for the reading of the verdicts, as he has every day, shows up with a walker, barely able to move, little blue pills are falling out of his pockets, and the lawyers are behind him and making him look like he is an invalid.

And, of course… (interruption) What? (interruption) Well, I mean, the poor guy can barely move. (interruption) We are supposed to conclude that Harvey couldn’t be guilty because, if he can’t stand up straight, what else can’t stand up? And then little blue pills strategically falling out of the pockets are supposed to indicate that he’s not capable of anything without medication. It takes about five minutes to squirrel his way out of the luxury SUV.

By the way, what can be said about Harvey Weinstein that hasn’t already been said about Bill Clinton? Do you realize how similar the allegations are here? The only difference is that Harvey’s been convicted of sexual assault. That’s the only difference. So he’s been found guilty, Harvey Weinstein, of criminal sex act and third-degree rape in the New York trial. He’s been cleared of the top charges, just so you know.

I guess the #MeToo movement is gonna be kind of conflicted because he could get 25 years in prison. He won’t get 25 years, but that’s the maximum according to guidelines. And who knows what it’s gonna end up doing, but he’s been cleared to the top charges, faces 25 years in prison, and the story is continuing to unfold before our very eyes and ears.


RUSH: All right. Harvey Weinstein — friend of the Clintons and donor to every Democrat presidential nominee — straight to jail. Five to 29 years is the sentence. (interruption) He has. He’s donated to every Democrat nominee. I’m not making it up. Why make that up?


RUSH: Audio sound bite number 20. This is the New York DA, Cyrus Vance Jr., district attorney, New York City, Manhattan DA. He had a press conference to talk about the Harvey Weinstein verdict. Here is a portion of what he said.

VANCE: Dawn Dunning, Miriam Haley, Jessica Mann, Annabella Sciorra, Tara Ley Wolf, Lauren Young, Megan Haas, Joan Illuzzi-Orbon. Eight women who have changed the course of history in the fight against sexual violence. These are eight women who pulled our justice system into the 21st century by declaring that rape is rape, and sexual assault is sexual assault no matter what.

RUSH: Now, come on, Cy. The idea that we didn’t know that rape was rape until this. You know, this is what bugs me about these people. So here’s this guy, obviously pandering to women, DA is an election position. This guy is pandering to women — and I’m not trying to take anything away from him, don’t misunderstand. But the idea that this culture doesn’t know what rape was and that people got away with it all the time until now, this is the kind of a disservice to young people who are not being taught proper history.

Sexual assault is sexual assault, no matter what. Rape is rape, no matter what. It’s always been a challenging thing to prove. But, anyway, this kind of pandering and grandstanding to me is just a little bit too much.


RUSH: Here’s Jim in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jim, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon and mega dittos on your healing. My question is now that they got Weinstein, when are they gonna go after his enablers, the Oprahs, the Clintons, all the Hollywood people who introduced the so-called starlets to him to get their jobs? When do they pay?

RUSH: Well, you know, this is actually a very perceptive, insightful question. How much do you know about Harvey Weinstein before you heard his name mentioned in this?

CALLER: Not a bit.

RUSH: Okay. Well, let me tell you about the guy. He and his brother, Bob, formed a company named after their parents, Miramax — Miriam and Max — and that was Miramax Motion Pictures. They produced independent films, and some of them were some of the classiest pieces of work you’ve ever seen. People could not believe that this schlub, Weinstein, could possibly produce such art. I’m using their definitions for art, their definitions of quality.

Some of his… Not all of them, but some of the movies were really, really good. They were always — like Cider House Rules — pro-abortion. They were always leftist. If there was a political aspect, they were always leftist. But Weinstein, aside from his effort — and Miramax was eventually bought out by Disney, and they lost control of it. So they set up a brand-new company, he and his brother, called — what — Weinstein Pictures or something.

But he was hated. He was despised and feared. He was one of the biggest bullies Hollywood ever knew. He was the guy — and he wasn’t the first — he took lobbying and paying for Oscars to a new level. He took open political associations and donations to a new level. He was side by side with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and he might have been on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet a bunch of times, I don’t know.

He was side by side with Barack Obama. This guy was giving money to Democrats left and right. And he was expecting all kinds of policy paybacks for it, including access. And I’ll never forget when the portraits of Bill and Hillary were unveiled in I think it was still the first year of the George W. Bush administration — this is an annual, it’s a thing, the previous president’s portrait is always unveiled after he leaves office. So whoever succeeds Trump is going to have to host that ceremony when Trump’s official portrait for the White House is unveiled.

There’s Harvey Weinstein in the front row at the Bill and Hillary Clinton — So the question, when are his enablers going to be held to account is valid. You have no idea what a big, important question this is, Jim. Because everybody knew how Harvey Weinstein operated and worked.

Harvey Weinstein defines ugly. Can we be honest? In the feminist world, Harvey Weinstein is the pig. But actresses have to work. Actresses want to work to work. He’s not alone. With Harvey Weinstein there’s certain things you had to do and one of the things you had to do, is you had to make the pilgrimage to his hotel suite in Beverly Hills. I’ve stayed in that suite. I have been in the rooms where all that happened. Yes, I have. I didn’t know it at that time. Don’t misunderstand this. That’s an added bit of information, absolutely irrelevant and useless to you. Just pointing it out.

The fact is they all knew. Everybody there knew. They were scared to death because of who Harvey knew in the political world. They were scared because Harvey himself was known to use every bit of his power as a Hollywood mogul to damage.

So when you say, like you mentioned Oprah, I don’t think Oprah was so much an enabler as she was scared to death of him and trying to stay on his good side. (interruption) Well, let me ask you, Mr. Snerdley. Do you think Oprah Winfrey actually helped enable Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse of actresses? You think that’s what she was doing, or was she just not speaking up ’cause she’s scared to death?

Look, Oprah doesn’t want this kind of controversy anyway. She studiously avoided all of this kind of stuff her entire career. Oprah cries, for crying out loud. She takes platitudinous positions on left-wing issues like Crazy Bernie and socialists do. She never gets specific. And when things aren’t going well, she gives the audience a car. Don’t doubt me.

So were the Clintons enablers? Well, the Clintons certainly knew what was going on. Bill Clinton, I will guarantee — well, I can’t guarantee. What are the odds that Clinton, on some occasions, wasn’t far away, like down the hall? Well, I don’t know who was procuring for who, but when money is being exchanged back and forth, both parties accept something for it. Expect something for it.

Now, Oprah, I’m trying to be charitable. Snerdley’s looking at me like I’m an idiot when I say I don’t think she’s so much an enabler as she was afraid. Everybody was scared of Harvey! Everybody was scared of Harvey Weinstein. In that business, at the time he ran it, you could be in or out of it. And this is why there’s so much desire for this guy to get his. This is why he was the focus of this #MeToo movement.

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