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RUSH: We have a new app for Apple TV. For those of you who are subscribers at Rush 24/7 — well, even if you’re not a subscriber at RushLimbaugh.com, our website — as you know, this program is made available each day on TV via the Dittocam. It’s on TV right now. I’m looking at myself there right now. The Apple TV app is the Dittocam each and every day and archived, and so the Dittocam can now be viewed directly on your TV if you have Apple TV.

We’ve been in beta for about a month, and we just got approval over the weekend. So we deployed the app this morning. I waited until it was actually available at the Apple TV App Store via a search. I searched with my name, just “Rush Limbaugh,” and there it is. Don’t search just “Rush” or you’ll get every app they have there with “Rush” in the name. Make sure you search “Rush Limbaugh.” It will be the only app that pops up — and it’s free.

There’s an in-app purchase depending — and if you’re already a subscriber at RushLimbaugh.com, that’s handled, and so now you can watch. It’s strictly the Dittocam. It’s not the whole website. I don’t want anybody misled. It’s the Dittocam and archives of all Dittocam-televised versions of this program, hosted by me. We don’t have Dittocams of the guest hosts, only me, because we don’t have a Dittocam anywhere but where I am.

The guest hosts never come in and do the show from here. Nobody ever is in this room to work besides me. Steyn does it from his cave somewhere in New Hampshire or wherever else he is. Ken Matthews, some of the others. But nobody’s here. So there’s no Dittocam, as you well know, when guest hosts are here. So there will not be Dittocam archive files of guest host shows. So just wanted to let you know. It’s a free app, in-app purchase to unlock all of the goodies.

Folks, this is something that, when we first came out with the app for your iPhone and your iPad or Android, we were really excited about it because it’s a great app. It’s a fabulous design, and it offers everything the website does at your fingertips — including audio and video streaming the program each and every day if you are a subscriber. But, again, you don’t have to subscribe to have access to an encyclopedic amount of data and content.

You get the transcripts, and they’re sharable, but you don’t get audio or video streaming, especially on archived programs on the free side. So the next thing we wanted to do was have an Apple TV app and a CarPlay app. Not for video versions, Dittocam, but to be able to listen to streaming versions in your car and archives. So, maybe down the road for that. The Apple TV app is up and running, just available today at the Apple TV App Store. Very happy to announce this to you.


RUSH: Here are the details, very quickly, on the new Rush Limbaugh app on Apple TV. It’s a Dittocam app. It’s not an entire website app, of course. It’s just for Dittocam video — current day, present day, and archived. It was just approved. We had it in beta for the past month, just posted today. It was approved over the weekend. When you go, search “Rush Limbaugh.” Don’t search “Rush” or you’ll have to scroll through a whole bunch of apps that have the name “Rush” in ’em. There’s a bunch of fake Rush apps in there too.

But just search “Rush Limbaugh,” and it will be the only one that turns up, and it will say “get with in-app purchase.” “What’s that, Rush? Are you ripping…?” No, no, no. Remember. RushLimbaugh.com is a membership website, and to get all of the audio and video archives and bunches of other stuff, you have to be a member. There’s all kinds of availability, free things on the free side, all of the transcripts of all of the past shows. So it’s an encyclopedic amount of content even on the free side.

But the in-app purchase for the Apple TV app is simply a membership log-in or a restore purchase if you’re already a member, or a “become a member” is what the in-app purchase is. There’s a free video section open to everybody. It’s only one section right now. We might expand the number of Dittocam shows available free. Right now, it’s a limited number, but we can play with that. So, there is a free section. Everything else requires a 24/7 membership, which will give you the archived Dittocam all the way back to the first days of the Dittocam.

And you can purchase a subscription through the app.

You choose a month at a time or you can choose a year, and you’ll get four weeks free when you do that. If you already have a Rush 24/7 membership, just use your same log-in and you’re all set. You don’t have to buy one. When it says “in-app purchase,” just click on it and log in. There may be a “restore purchase” option. For some apps, Apple will put that on them. If there’s a “restore purchase,” go ahead — if you’re already a member — and click on that or just sign into it if you’re already a Rush 24/7 member and you’ll have it.

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