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RUSH: The Democrats in the media are furious that President Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to head up the coronavirus effort to coordinate the efforts within the administration instead of a medical expert, and they say, “Obama did it right. Obama had the Ebola czar! That’s what Trump should do.” Well, who did Obama appoint to be the Ebola czar? It was a guy named Ron Klain. Ron Klain’s not a medical expert. Ron Klain is a Democrat lawyer.

Ron Klain is a lawyer who worked on the Clinton and Gore campaigns. He was Gore’s chief of staff; then he became an employee for Fannie Mae where he helped overcome regulatory issues. He wasn’t a medical expert! But they made him the Ebola czar, and since Obama never did anything wrong, he was a medical expert. But he wasn’t. Now BuzzFeed is saying that I am politicizing the issue with conspiracy theories that the deep state invented the virus and is weaponizing it against Trump. (chuckling)

I mean, it’s absurd. (sigh) This is the same media bunch that knowingly published the pack-of-lies Steele dossier, folks. They knew it was unverified, uncorroborated. They published it anyway just to get it in the media so the Drive-Bys could talk about it. I told you yesterday they were saying that this was gonna be Trump’s Katrina — and, lo and behold, here comes this lollipop, Tom Steyer, who was on some radio show last night, had this to say.

STEYER: Trump is incompetent. He is doing a terrible job on this. Mr. Trump is way late, he has no capability, he’s incompetent. I think this is a huge, huge deal because this is like George W. Bush with the, uh, hurricane and flooding down in New Orleans, a total executive failure by an incompetent executive.

RUSH: If that’s not politicizing it… This is guy’s running for the Democrat presidential nomination, this Looney Tune Steyer. He’s the global warming nut, the climate change nut. And he’s now claiming that this is Trump’s Katrina — something I predicted to you yesterday that they were already saying or would say. They are so desperately hoping that this goes wrong for Trump. They sit out there and they say, “We need to come together, we need to unify, this is a public health issue.” Well, they need to lead by example, which they are not doing because what they are hoping is that this botches.

They are hoping the stock market continues to plunge.

They’re hoping it takes the economy with it.

They are hoping that this becomes a very bad health crisis so that they can blame Trump for it.

They are hoping all of that, and you can tell it by the way they’re talking about it. And you contrast that with the press conference last night the president had with his medical experts surrounding him as they talked about dealing with this, and you ask yourself: With which group of people do you feel more confident dealing with it? You’d have to conclude the administration and the people that Trump had out there representing him in the effort to fight this rather than the people on the left who are politicizing every aspect of this and hoping for the worst of it.

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