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RUSH: You realize this, folks, this coronavirus thing, like everything else, is going to end. We don’t know when it’s going to end, but when it does, you’re going to see an economic rebound you can’t even dream of right now because you’re so absorbed — no, you’re not absorbed, you are immersed and surrounded by negative garbage in the news.


RUSH: It’s fascinating. I’ve got two Stacks of Stuff here today. One Stack is the coronavirus, and it’s the end-of-the-world Stack. We’re dead and it’s just a matter of time, and the Democrats win the White House. The other Stack is all about the Democrat primary race and how they are admitting now that they are going to try to screw Crazy Bernie.

It’s fascinating. All kinds of polling data. It’s as though the Democrat primary, the Democrat presidential race is occurring outside the universe of the coronavirus. Have you noticed this? The coronavirus, the only thing it isn’t affecting is the Democrats. But the coronavirus is destroying Trump. It’s destroying the Trump administration. It’s ending Trump rallies. It is going to end the Trump administration. It’s going to end the Republican Party.

And then over here, the Democrats are conducting business like there isn’t a coronavirus. It is the most amazing thing. I don’t know how many of you have detected that yourselves as consumers that watch the news today. But, see, that’s why I’m here. That’s the takeaway. I am not kidding. The Democrat Stack about the Democrat primaries is unaffected by the coronavirus.

You cannot even find a story, a prominent story that relates the coronavirus or includes the coronavirus in whatever the Democrats want to do except when it comes to the Democrats destroying Trump. Then you can find it. But the coronavirus Stack is all about Trump and how incompetent he is and what a boob he is and how at risk he’s placed all of us.

I had it yesterday, I didn’t get to it. The New York Times, Gail Collins, who is one of the op-ed editors had a piece yesterday, said: Let’s just call it what it is. Let’s call it Trumpvirus. And, of course, that’s not discriminatory. Why, that’s not mean-spirited. That’s not bigoted. That’s not biased. That’s just what it is.

It’s going to be fascinating today to talk about all these things, and yet everything involving the Democrats is amazingly unaffected by the coronavirus. You can’t find a story on the coronavirus affecting turnout Saturday in the South Carolina primary. You can’t find a story on what’s the impact of Super Tuesday by the coronavirus.

I had a friend send me a note today. This guy is a stock market guy. This guy buys and sells stock. That’s his job. I mean, that’s how he earns his money. That’s not his job. He’s self-employed. That’s how he earns a living. He buys and sells stocks. Of course, he’s completely immersed in the stock market. He knows all the lingo. He sends me e-mails assuming I know the lingo.

I write him back, “Bobby, you’re talking Greek to me. Can you just tell me what you think without going through all the insider lingo?” He can’t do it. He’s so immersed in it he can only speak the lingo. But he sends me this note today, “Hey, Rush, this could be the biggest election tampering event in history.”

He’s talking about the coronavirus. “If this thing stays on this psychological course, how long do you think it’s going to be before they start saying Trump cannot do any campaign rallies because it’s going to be too risky to bring all these people together who might have it, might not have it, might be exposed to people who do have it and don’t know it.” It won’t affect Democrat rallies because they’re not drawing anybody to their rallies except for crazy Bernie. What are you laughing at in there? Do you think there could be something to this or do you think this is kooky?

Well, yeah, the Democrats don’t have to worry about it because nobody shows up at Democrat rallies. The only people showing up at Democrat rallies are Crazy Bernie’s and they are trying to destroy crazy Bernie. So they might want a bunch of people showing up and infecting themselves at his rally. (interruption) They’ve already got something? I don’t know what that means. We know that they are crazy, but I’m sounding crazy reacting to things I don’t know what they are related to.

At any rate, here is the note, “If it stays on this psychological course, how does Trump have campaign rallies with large groups of people? How can candidates have people gather like that and not appear insensitive to the alleged risks?” Well, again, the Democrats don’t have to worry about it. Where is the story? Where is the story? I have here — what did I do with it? Eight people showed up at a Bloomberg rally. But the way the headline is written is classic. You know, I probably put it in a Democrat Stack over here because it is a Democrat story and it’s probably going to be at the bottom. Let me find it here because it makes — here it is!

“Massive Line of Eight People Forms in Bentonville, Arkansas for Bloomberg Rally.” They are not drawing anybody, so this isn’t going to affect them. But this is a good question, don’t you think? If it stays on this psychological course and level, how does Trump have campaign rallies with large groups of people? How can he have people gather like that and not appear to be insensitive? Let’s say this is still going on around election time. How do they have elections with masses of people?

It isn’t going to last. This is going to end. Everything ends. Everything has a life span. This will be over at some point. It will peak. And there will be a downside. You may remember we had an audio sound bite of the Apple CEO Tim Cook. They had a little preview excerpt of an interview on the Fox Business Channel or Fox Business Network they ran today. He think it’s peaked in China and is on the way down. Other people, “Oh, no, the ChiComs haven’t begun to tell the truth about how many infections, how many cases, how many deaths and all that.”

Isn’t it fascinating to know that there are people out there who want you to think of the worst and the worst getting even worser? This is what you have to fight against.


RUSH: Breitbart story: “Biden Urges Rivals to Quit if They Fail to Attract Support from Black Voters.” Now, the electorate in the South Carolina primary is two-thirds African American, and so when James Clyburn, the Congressional Black Caucasians came out and endorsed Biden, it pretty much meant he’s going to win the South Carolina primary. We don’t know by how much, but it’s going to end after that. He doesn’t have any money left and it’s not going to carry him to anything in the Super Tuesday, which is a few short days later.

That’s why now Biden is urging, like Mayor Pete (imitating Biden), “Look, the blacks aren’t going to vote for you, Pete. You can see it here. You should quit. Get out of there. Any Democrat that can’t get the black vote has no business running.” This is Biden’s point. He made the point “during an interview with The Post and Courier” newspaper in South Carolina.

He said, “They would have to consider dropping out, not because I want them to or anybody else does, but because the victories and losses are going to dictate it. How do you stay in if you have demonstrated you can’t get any African American support? How do you stay in if you don’t get support in South Carolina? So I just think the process is going to take care of that.”

Nowhere here is there a story about the coronavirus. There’s not a mention of the coronavirus in the story about Biden urging Democrats to get out of the race if they don’t get any black support in the South Carolina primary.

By the way, Biden has admitted that he did not get arrested trying to find Nelson Mandela on Robben’s Island in South Africa when he was released from jail. And Biden, has he corrected himself that 150 million people have not been killed with guns in the last whatever – (interruption) He hasn’t corrected that, huh? But he did say that he didn’t get arrested.

I don’t know. Maybe there’s a Brian Williams virus that runs around, infects people and makes them lie about telling people they were at places when they weren’t. The Brian Williams virus. Maybe that’s what Biden has. Can’t find any evidence of that.

Here is the next story. New York Times: “Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders.” I just saw the clock. “Interviews with dozens of Democratic Party officials, including 93 superdelegates, found overwhelming opposition to handing Mr. Sanders the nomination if he fell short of a majority of delegates.”

Again, not a single word about the coronavirus in this story involving Democrats and delegates and the Democrat nomination.

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