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RUSH: A bunch of teaching assistants at the University of California — Santa Cruz have just been taught a lesson.

Recently, 54 graduate-student teaching assistants took part in a wildcat strike in order to pressure the university into giving them more money. These grad students complained that their pay wasn’t keeping up with the high cost of living out there.

Well, their pay just got a little lower, because on Friday, school administrators took a page from the Ronaldus Magnus handbook of labor unrest, and fired all 54 of these so-called assistants.

University President and Democrat Party icon Janet Napolitano said the university was sympathetic to the teaching assistants’ plight, and the pressure put on them by the high cost of housing in Santa Cruz. But she fired them anyway. She said a wildcat strike is not the way for them to go about getting relief.

The UAW, which represents thousands of academic workers in California, criticized the “shocking callousness” of UC Santa Cruz. Crazy Bernie called the firing “disgraceful” and told the university to “stop this outrageous union busting.” Activists are organizing demonstrations. They want classes cancelled.

None of which changes a thing. Housing costs are still high. The striking grad students are still fired. It’s an expensive lesson. But thankfully, with the Trump economy doing so well, they should be able to find other jobs at universities that may actually be worth working at or for.

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